thanks for all of your well wishes about the craft fair! it was fun and i did end up selling mostly yarn – which is a good sign, since i just started selling it. i’m thinking i’ll cull the stash for hand dyed yarns to add to the yarn side of the table. hmmm. anyhow, the yarns are now starting to appear in the shop, along with some hats that have been sitting around and never made it in.

one good story – i sold some yarn from the name game to the person who named it, live and in person! so fun and of course she got the discount! ;)


onto the pittsburgh knit and crochet festival. i went with my friend rachel, her mom, and her aunt. it was very fun. i wasn’t really planning to buy much yarn, but i fell in love with the knitting notions booth… so i got the red skein from them. across the way from them was the brooks farm stall, which i also loved. however, i was good and didn’t buy anything from them… but rachel bought a sweaters worth of a lovely pink wool singles. the green and the orange (you see one, i bought 4) above are 50/50 alpaca/wool yarn that i picked up from autumn house farms on clearance. the owner of autumn house is good friends with many of my knitting friends and so i was very happy to finally meet her. i can’t wait to go out and visit the farm! she does her own carding and dyeing too. i’m thinking that if i buy a fleece at any point when i’m here i’ll either have her scour and card it, or see if i can do it with her.

hand made

from knitting notions, i also bought this dark wood shawl stick. they had very nice wooden stuffs and i’m always a sucker for such things (plus, i needed one :). also seen here are some lovely hand turned knitting needles from Dunn Spun Yarn, who were also in the same area as brooks and knitting notions. it was a killer corner.


i love how the tops are slighty different. all of the really even pairs probably sold the first day – little did they know that i got the best pair.


my main goal at the festival was to buy spinning stuff and i walked away with a good bit of it. i got some lavendar eucalan, yellow dye (the color i always run out of…)… and some fiber. here’s the rundown:

-8 oz. english longwool from the rosefield.
i’ve never spun english longwool. it should prove to be an experience. certainly not the softest of wools, but historical and hardy. should be an adventure. a good outerlayer wool i think.

-the above shown locks for my spinning two class to play around hand carding from mcMahon fiber. they specialize in giant angora rabbits and they aren’t kidding! there was one in their booth and it was sooo cute and really really big. (by the way – i think the above picture bears a striking resemblance to clown hair…).

-4 oz. alpaca pencil roving from star weaver farm

-8 oz. of lambswool, alpaca, kid mohair roving

-2 oz. of angora from the longwool people also… rachel’s mom thought that i couldn’t leave there without some! so she bought it and passed it along.

sorry for the lack of name on the blend roving – but i thought the woman was a bit crazy and would rather not advertise for her. everyone else was fabulous! i love meeting people in person and asking about how the sheep are cared for and such AND now i have contacts for even more farms in pennsylvania. yay!

p.s. i’m seriously considering a booth next year. there wasn’t really any handspun that is anything like mine… so we’ll see. maybe handmade in november and pgh knit and crochet in february.

6 thoughts on “weekending

  1. I’ve been meaning to go to Autumn House Farm for ages. Especially after visiting the booth last year. It sounds like they had more spinning stuff this year than last.

  2. it sounds like you had a blast! i am so sorry i missed it. i really was looking forward to it and then, well, you know how life just seems to happen. anyway, i would definitely do a booth!

  3. Wish I could have been there! There must be stuff like this in my area(even though I live in the boonies-it still is the Maritimes) There must be handcrafters somewhere!?

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