name game

first, go read this story about some yarn from the last name game. so sweet.

sorry that this is so late in the week, but it has been too dark to take pictures. today, we awoke to a lovely covering of snow, which makes it much brighter. (although i must say that it is questionable as to what could have helped my pictures today… maybe no blue or green?).


briefly, i’ll drag out some bullets to remind you how this works:

~click over to this set on flickr. this is my prefered method. if you have flickr, please leave your name suggestions under the shot of the yarn over there.
~if you do not have flickr, you may email me your suggestions at cosyknitsliterally at gmail. remember that a one sentence explanation may go a long way ;)
~ben and i will choose the names we like best and i’ll announce them by filling them in on the top of the flickr photo (where the ??? are) at 11:00 pm tonight.
~if your name is chosen and you would like that yarn at 5% off and free shipping, get in contact with me before 10 o’clock AM eastern tomorrow – cause everything else will be going to the show.  if not, thanks for playing :) and loaning me your creative genius where i run short.


SPECIAL: i have affectionate names for a couple of these yarns. if you accidentally guess any of these, i’ll give you a 10% off coupon to the shop! which will soon contain patterns as well as yarn and knits.

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