last week? week before? i sometimes loose track of time… i was given a gift… a wonderful collection of Elizabeth Zimmermann newsletters. i could do nothing but smile. truly, this made my decade. i can’t wait to dive in and make something from these. i may have to cast on for a hat tonight just because.

EZ gifts

that top sheet is an order from from 1987 in case you’re wondering. there are both ‘wool gathering’ newsletters and ‘spun out’ newsletters. it is not a complete collection, but it is way more than i had before and there are a lot of patterns here that i’ve yearned for. i’m so excited to just read through them and listen to elizabeth’s voice…

EZ gifts

i feel like this is a legacy – like there’s a line being drawn when i inherit knitting stuffs from others. flo, my benefactress owned a feminist bookstore in the 1970s and is a big fan of both EZ and barbara walker. she is also a hardcore wool woman as am i, so, even without blood, i’m claiming this as my heritage.

wool gathering

she also passed on to me a bag of yarn that very well may be my first sweater for myself. it may just have to be a zimmermann one, too. that would more than solidify the legacy. we’ll see about gauge and yardage and if this is the right yarn for the right sweater.


7 thoughts on “EZ

  1. What a wonderful gift! EZ’s things are always a treat. I’ve been reading through the Knitter’s Almanac lately, and her tone is so refreshing. I look forward to seeing sweaters and hats and mittens (oh my!)!

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