old shale smoke ring

j piglet, a fairly new blogger, has made my geometric helmet hat! i bullied her into a photo on her head and she complied. thanks! this hat is interesting because all of the versions are very different from each other. ravelry link. many people seem to just use it for the cast on number. i don’t mind (indeed, that’s what knitting is all about), but it makes me excited when i see one that’s closer to the pattern.

strings and sealing wax did a very nice version of the scrap happy celebration hat… and it’s for charity. warning: this site contains many unbelievably cute little hats/socks combinations :)

tink2-tink3 has a fabulous old shale smoke ring with great modifications. if you are thinking about making this, you may want to check it out.

and here’s a great train tam with buttons. you know how i like buttons… (ravelry link)

speaking of my free patterns – if you are on ravelry, you can now download pdfs of all of my patterns… you can even download them right into your own ravelry library! when ravelry opens to the public, i will be linking my buttons to the pdf downloads over there. ravelry really is an amazing amazing resource. revolution, i’m telling you, revolution.

have a good day!

2 thoughts on “sighted

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for linking to me, I feel like a celebrity! I love the helmet hat pattern and highly recommend it. It must be so cool to see what people have made with your own patterns.

  2. Rav links work for non-signed-up people, too! I’m getting some downloads from the blog from non-ravelers. In your manage store tab, you can grab a link, and Casey put a button somewhere (or, feel free to grab the image from mine :P)

    I love the smoke ring, btw. Sooo pretty!

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