handspuns for everyone

excuse the hodgepodge of spinnerly thoughts, but i needed to consolidate.

i taught a spinning class yesterday to two women who already had their own wheels. it was fun. they had originally learned a ways out of the city from a woman in her 80s. i was highly amused when they said that she didn’t really know how to spin commercially produced roving because she had always processed it herself!! so cool. i am not that woman.

* * * * *

at the handmade arcade i met jess king of cityspun. she’s coming to the shop this month to do a demo/talk etc. and it’s free! so if you’re in the area, you should come. anyhow, she got a hold of me over etsy a bit ago to see if i could knit something out of her handspun. with a toddler at home and much else going on, she wasn’t getting too much done by means of samples (i think we all understand that…). of course, i’m always willing to help a fellow fibery person in need, so i agreed and a lovely skein of merino came in the mail.


which i combined with a partial ball of wool that vivian passed my way to make these fingerless mitts

fingerless mitts

then i had plenty left, so i proceeded to make this baby hat ( i think i could just crawl inside and live in that squishy merino tassel)

little hat

and as you can see i still have some left!

all together

so i may try to make something more before jess comes…

although it seems to me that many people have no idea what to do with handspun yarns, i find them to be nothing but fun. i love the challenge. with this project i focused on combining handspun with other yarns and had a great time doing it. thanks for the chance jess! now i think i’ll dig out the skein i bought from her at handmade and do something with it…

* * * * *

over on the knitterly things blog there are some lovely handspun chevron hats. if you haven’t checked them out yet, they’re a must!

* * * * *

although i’m not going to officially post a list of all of the spinnerly blogs we’ve found… i will redirect you to my post here (be sure to read the comments), and the further comments under this post. i also recently found cotton deer and wish to add that to the list. thanks to you all for sharing your faves!

6 thoughts on “handspuns for everyone

  1. Love that baby hat. Couldn’t be cuter. I totally understand the “what do I do with this?” thoughts that surround handspun, particularly as a non (not yet, anyway) spinner. I received some gorgeous handspun in a swap, and just yesterday decided it was time to do something with it — tried a hat pattern, and nope, too busy. Tried a scarf that highlights variegated yarn, but the texture just didn’t work. Settled on some basic mittens, and I absolutely love how they are turning out (pictures soon.) I am sure knitters everywhere would appreciate recommendations/thoughts to consider when choosing a pattern for handspun!

  2. you totally rock – those are gorgeous! it inspires me to knit more – maybe need to teach the two year old some sort of crafty thing to keep her busy… any suggestions?? can’t wait to see you at knit one. THANKS!!!!!!!

  3. I love the stripes in the hat! I’ve never been a big yellow fan, but lately I love a little bit of yellow tucked in here and there to make something look sunny.

  4. Such beautiful colour combinations! Thank you for all of the handspun links – those sites and yours have got me itching to try my hand at dying and spinning!

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