thrifting in ohio

on saturday, ben and i got out of town and went to see gwen. my first time to ohio. we had a lovely time. we ate, we thrifted, we chatted.

besides finding some very nice pyrex and a brooch, i, of course, bought sweaters to recycle. these plus two white ones. the pink will probably be overdyed… and i’m always searching for good greens and yesterday was the day! one is heathery avocado and one is light kelly green. if you want to know more, click over to flickr and read the notes on the picture, neither of the green sweaters are actually the right color at all as pictured.

to recycle

my other big find was this sweater


i *love* it! very itchy scratchy warm and woolie. here’s the tag:


in case you, at first glance, were hoping i might have knit that sweater myself, i’m sorry to disappoint you. however, there does appear to be some sweater knitting in my very near future… stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “thrifting in ohio

  1. Great sweater (here we call them ‘jerseys’, but I’ll use the local lingo while I’m visiting) :) and so cool that it’s icelandic – I rather love things icelandic – I even gave my youngest son an icelandic name (Magnus).

    x Helen

  2. Great sweater finds! I’m going to have to get you to give me some hints on thrifting for sweaters some time. For instance, I’ve wondered if you have a limit in mind ahead of time on what you’ll pay for a sweater at a thrift store, and does that vary depending on if you’re planning to reuse the wool versus if you’re planning to wear it? :)

  3. Cosy, you look so fabulous… I think that pic of you in the sweater may be the most “fitting” self portrait I’ve ever seen. Great thrifting… they closed some of the shops in Steveston and I thought of you… sniff…

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