time to…

today i have a random day off of work cause the store hasn’t been so busy this week. how do i plan to fill it (besides showing you all tempting pictures of wool and making you help me name them…)?

name me!

time to heal… yesterday, on my way to work, a delivery truck clipped a big heavy garbage can and it tipped over into my leg. ouch. now i have a huge bruise. what a strange life i lead. ben was with me and we were rather confused because it all happened so quickly. the good thing was he grabbed the garbage can before the big heavy thing rolled down the hill and into traffic! wrong place at the wrong time and in my lingo *very* random.

what do i remind you of?

time to actually keep up with the etsy shop… including throwing you all a couple skeins of the new yarn before i take them off to market. i’ve been very bad while working on the new legs of the business with keeping up with it. i promise you’ll be glad you waited with lots of yarns and some patterns close to being put up.

what should my name be?

time to finish… the shawl i’m making as a commission and finish a second movie knit. by the way – thank you all for the make-me-blush compliments on that piece of work. it’s kind of surreal.

name me!

time to start… at least one commission that i’ve been hankering to get done soon and maybe another hat to be put up in pattern form.

now it’s time for you to go name these new yarns if they make you think of anything! and for me to have a late breakfast… ahem… brunch.
have a good day!

what should i be called?

2 thoughts on “time to…

  1. Speaking of things falling on legs… A few years ago when we still used those large foldable metal rolling gates at the Museum, I was turning it around so I could lock up, it fell on me. I caught it across both my thighs and arms. I had two large bruises on my leg, one was HUGE and looked like a weather map with all different colors. It actually left a dent in my leg!

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