teaser, not trailer

the super secret knitting alluded to last week?

secret knitting

i’m knitting for a major motion picture! the costume designer and her assistant came into the yarn store the other day looking for someone to knit for them. i was thinking of who would want to knit for them and we were sort of waiting for my co-worker/boss who was helping someone else to join in the conversation.  finally, i’d felt we waited long enough and asked what they needed knit and it just happened to be my speciality! wheee!  it just worked out.

yep. and the knit one community has got it bad – star struck! vivian brought in cupcakes and balloons on the day it happened and started the grape vine churning. more than one person thought i was pregnant :)

25 thoughts on “teaser, not trailer

  1. yay!

    I’ve noticed that I’m much more attentive to handknit items in movies than I was a couple years ago. I can’t wait to find out where to look for yours! :)

  2. super cool! that looks incredibly warm and luxurious, by the way. (it may be _very_ cold in my house this morning.) will you tell us what movie, eventually?

  3. Cosy, how cool!! I actually know about the movie because one of my tenants is an extra, so woo-hoo for you! Are you also knitting the commissioned sweater mentioned in the recently sent out newsletter?

  4. Way cool, Cosy! If you should decide to hold a little contest to guess the name of the movie-maker (which, I’m sure, you can’t tell us for some time), I’m hereby entering myself. Since it appears this is being filmed in PA, my guess is it’s an M. Night Shyamalan film.

  5. congrats!!! that is fantastic – will you be able to share (i know it must be a hat) a picture of the finished product with us!?! someone mentioned a newsletter? do you have one? if so, can put my name on the list?

  6. that is super fantastic ! what is the movie ??? and what is that lovly yarn ? some of your handspun ? just love the soft creamy color ! Congrats Cozy ! you’re a star now ! ;)

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