nobody spins

it appears that nobody has any other spinning type blogs they read… there sure is a shortage. it’s more dire than i thought :) on the other hand, i find spinners also tend to be knitters – so the blogs might be a bit more like this blog.

here’s some more of the newly spun yarn to keep you occupied. if you’d like to help in the naming, click through the photo to flickr and leave a comment.

what would you call me?

what do i remind you of?

i could really use a name...

name me!

name me!

name me!

i find at least one of these quite ugly… but i’m not sharing which one. every time i do that someone jumps to defend the defenseless yarn with how beautiful it is :D

7 thoughts on “nobody spins

  1. One you didn’t mention and I was surprised — Abby Franquemont’s blog, Abby’s Yarns.

    She has such an interesting history with spinning and she has a lot of technical information, I really love to read what she has to say.

    I spin, but very irregularly as of late. :)

  2. My husband (Katrinkles’ dad – I think you know her) has been spinning since May. Tonight we went to visit a farm to buy his 7th and 8th fleece since he’s almost finished spinning his 6th. He said tonight what has really surprised him is how little all the spinners he’s met actually spin, despite having lots of fiber and often more than one wheel. I think that’s maybe because they’re distracted by the knitting? I know I am. He, on the other hand, is not interested in knitting at all. He just thoroughly enjoys the zen of spinning. We’ll just have to get him to blog about it.

    Pretty yarns! Nice colors.

  3. oh MY!! This is so inspirational! OK… I gotta get my hands on a wheel…

    Are you going to be selling any of these on etsy or in the upcoming shows?

  4. Hi Cosy,
    Thanks for visiting Gooseflesh and your comment. I haven’t had much time lately to visit but just dropped by quickly to have a look at what you have been making and I think the colour combinations are the most exquisite I’ve seen for a long time. I want to learn how to spin too……. your wool is very inspiring.
    Best to you,

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