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i have been nominated (twice if you can believe it!) by lola of the black sheep blog and mick of much-adored for the ‘you make my day award. i am honored! thank you both. since’ i just recently did the “makes me smile” award here… so i was going to bow out on this one… but instead i think i’ll give you some of my favorite spinnerly blogs.

dyed in the wool handmade
folktale fibers
hello yarn
knitterly things
knitters anonymous
marion’s arts and crafts
pieces of string too small to save
sarah’s homestead blog
and i’m expecting to see much more spinning from yarnbee.

wow! i really felt as if i wouldn’t have ten, and then i did. what about you all – spinners out there – any favorite spinning blogs? i always feel there are way more knitting blogs that i read than spinning blogs and i’ve a sneaking suspicion that those of us who produce fiber often fall into the blog as ad category. my other thing is that i’m more interested in those who sometimes knit with their own handspun rather than just selling roving and yarn… but i’ll take whatever you can give me!

the yarn from this entry is some of the yarn mentioned in the previous post. i feel like i’ve been doing enough spinning to not only improve, but come to some decisions of what sort of yarns i’d like to sell. one decision down. the other decision i’m fighting with is whether or not i name the yarn? and if i ever move on to selling roving… do i name the roving? i know that knitters like colorways to be named, but i may not have the energy to do the naming of hats and yarns and roving – especially since i don’t really repeat colorways! i’m trying to stay away from tedious :) on the other hand, i’ve also asked people over on flickr what they think things should be named and that has worked rather well.

what do you all think? i think i’ll go label these pics ‘name me’ on flickr now… but for the future i’m unsure. any advice would be well taken. have a great monday!

what memory am i?

12 thoughts on “spinnerly blogs

  1. I just have to say I really like the thick soft look of the first pair of yarn you have at the top of this post – I’ll be keeping my eye on you for when you start selling/enabling! :)

  2. Your spinning is fab! I’m with you — I’d love to find more people turning their handspun into yarn and then knitting it! I recently purchased a wheel and just haven’t quite made the leap yet into spinner. Part of my delay… what will I do with all that homespun fiber? I hope you’ll post a list of the suggestions you get.

  3. oh.. pretty!! Those corals are so lovely!! I think if you’re only making one-off skeins, then it’s probably not worth the effort to name all of them :) The only reason I use colorway names is when I know I can buy more…

  4. Thanks so much for including me in your list of spinning blogs! I do hope to be spinning much more in the near future. I think you should look at some of the names that paint companies use – they might give you some ideas – some are rather poetic :D

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