spinning and snowing

spin spin spin

there has been a lot of spinning happening chez cosy during the last month. after this dyeing day, i went to work getting it all spun up. i found screws and put together my ashford traditional and my country spinner is currently with a very nice gentleman for some repairs to see if we can get it up and running. it would be great for plying if nothing else. the yarn itself (due to be at the ‘i made it’ on february 9th, then into the etsy shop) is currently in a cascade across a good portion of the yarn room, but i promise to scoop it up and take some photos soon. i’m very pleased with the improvement of my spinning skills.

i have also been teaching spinning lessons like crazy and did a couple of spinning demos for the store on a loaner louet victoria that louet sent us. the last two classes i’ve had made me feel like there may be some new spinning addicts out there. just in time for pittsburgh knit and crochet!

just a note to those in town – you may want to stop by and try this wheel while we have it. it’s only 6 lbs! a very nice little spin. i always jump at the chance to try different wheels, so i thought i’d extend the invite :)

there’s enough room at the shop (indeed, they encourage such things) and lots of new spinners created by my classes, so i thought it only right that i start a spinning group (GEESH! so much spinning). every third saturday of the month at the store. one o’clock until we all leave (they close at five). i will mostly be there… but may not once in a while. the first one was fabulous!

and the last of the spinning news, i got a bunch of wool from these sheep. pictures will follow including the names.

now i’ll spend the next week catching up on photos from this entry :)

p.s. if you won something in the blogiversary contest, it should be going out on monday!

4 thoughts on “spinning and snowing

  1. How is the balance on the Victoria? I have a Louet S90, which seems to be the out of production, older, heavier brother to the Victoria, but I feel like the tripod isn’t wide enough to spin on carpet. If the lazy kate is open and full of yarn, it sometimes just falls over. The design of the Victoria seems to be better, but is the base wide enough to be stable?

  2. If I didn’t have to work on Saturdays, I’d join you on your spinning days. :} I still want to get in there and check out the Louet. How much longer will it be at the shop, do you know?

  3. Ooohh!! Every third Saturday at the store, huh? If the husband is in town, then I’ll be sure to drop by!! I’m new to the whole spinning thing, but I’m finding it quite addicting… can’t quite stop myself from thinking about getting my hands on new fibers, and considering different colorways (which means I’ll have to start dyeing soon!). I _really_ want to try my hand at the wheel, since it seems it’ll go much faster… drop spindles are fun, but I can’t see making skeins fast enough to keep up with my addiction at the rate I’m going.

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