commissional hats

so. i’ve finished a few commissions lately.

pussy willow tam, take 2

pussy willow tam - take 2

mountain colors hand dyed wool – weaver’s quarters

back in december one of my customers on etsy emailed me this very sad story:

i bought the pussy willow tam hat from you last year and loved it. it was my favorite hat and i think my dog knew that so on a day when she was particularly angry with me for leaving she decided to eat it. the weather is turning cold and i find myself wishing i had my beloved hat. i was wondering if you are taking any custom orders and if you might be able to knit me a hat reminiscent of my old favorite.

so this is the tam to replace the old tam.

pussy willow tam - take 2

a more recent commission

golden delicious hat

golden delicious hat - front

recycled sweater wool (with a bit of nylon)
my hand dyed recycled sweater wool
a bit of new wool/mohair

size: adult small – you can tell it doesn’t fit my adult medium head the best

golden delicious hat - side

this one was based on a baby hat i made which the person really liked – both in shape and color. this was actually closer than i usually come to duplicating a project because i happened to still have some of the yellow left and i really liked both the color and texture of it.  now i’m hankering to play more with yellow/green combo.

golden delicious hat - embellished

two commissions in queue right now – a shawl made out of recycled sweater wool/alpaca/acrylic on the needles and a pair of mittens soon to be on the needles. once those are done, onward to another pair of outdoorsman mitts for my dad’s friend and some organ playing mitts for one of ben’s classmates.

tally ho!  i’ve also got some super secret knitting work that i’m hoping i can tell you all about soon – but i’ve got to wait till i hear from the higher ups.

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