chrismas is over

that’s what my roommate maggie’s aunt called to tell her the other day. and that is what i am telling you now – although i do still owe my other roommate a hat. his will come later. so i took my sabbath last week (friday now) to finish up my christmas gifts.

for my mother-in-law, spun from this – tussah and camel. she bought the roving – it’s her colors and she loves the luxury yarns, and it’s certainly that.


i’m thinking she’ll make a smoke ring out of it. because of the slippiness of the roving, i had to do some figuring to see how much spin was needed to make a single. it was a learning experience. it may have its thick and thin spots, but it is in fact a very balanced yarn. perhaps my most balanced single to date – not even – just balanced. i am of the balancedish but not fragile school of thought.


for one of my brothers-in-law – the bottom is from the lusekofte hat from Charlene’s Schurch’s brilliant book Hats On! i didn’t think he’d like the top, so i changed to a different top from another of the hats in the book, then it was wrong (no errata of course). grrr. then i made it up. turned out fine. i think he’ll like it.

jeremiah's hat

cascade 220
my hand dyed wool (i think grey that had been over-dyed)

size: jeremiah. largish.

jeremiah's hat

5 thoughts on “chrismas is over

  1. Love the yarn! But you are wrong. Christmas is NOT over yet – I’ve got a Christmas package yesterday, which was mailed early December and just arrived! :o)

  2. Love the colorway . . . my favorite groups of colors, hands down. What exactly is Tussah? I keep seeing that crop up on the blogs and I have no clue.

    My sister nominated your site as a “You Make My Day in Blogland” . . . pass it on to ten others if you want. Can’t wait to see what you knit up with the handspun.

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