my apple hood

i made this baby last tuesday – just in time for the frigid weather we are now having. i needed something to cover up my wet hair in the mornings for the walk to work and it works like a charm. ah, the wonders of wool. i’m now working on adapting it into a pattern – although it definitely needs some re-working.* now if only i can conspire to get back to montana where they have real snow for me to play in. sigh.

my apple hood (to wear with my red coat :) as so)

my apple hood

the back

my apple hood - back

my hand dyed handspun wool
size 10.5 US needles – probably could have used a 9, but didn’t have one on hand
really much more varied in its greenness and very much granny smith – less golden delicious
buttons – glass from my grandmother’s stash. they were on my aunt’s clothes when she was little

my apple hood - flat

i also got new glasses! i joke that it’s the first time you can see my eyes since the 5th grade – but really, since i was 18. 12 years. i love the non reflective lenses. (if you look really closely, you can tell that my eyes are slightly different shades of brown.)

new glasses!

so. i wore floral tights to work the other day – and they weren’t even very wild floral tights… dark blue background, orange, white, yellow flowers. however, on my way to work, nobody made eye contact with me. no matter what age or gender, they all stared at my tights. i would think it might have had something to do with them walking up hill and me walking down i thought… but later on in the day i went across the street to mail something and while waiting to cross back a woman driving by didn’t only stare, but swiveled her head and watched the tights as long as she could. now i’m thinking i’ll be even more over stimulating in my green hood, red wool coat, and strange glasses. they’re really not going to know what to look at. maybe i should wear floral tights too ;)

it’s nice to have this blog back to a woolie day-to-day journal for a bit – the pattern series and the blogiversary one after another leaves me with much to show you because, of course, the knitting, spinning, and other fiber endeavors did not stop! i’ll try to get to more soon, although it’s a busy week with an organ concert to go to and 2 spinning classes on top of the regularly scheduled events. have a good week!

*confession – i’m actually working on several adult sized hood/bonnet/pixie hat patterns… must perfect… must play…

13 thoughts on “my apple hood

  1. Oh how cute! That’s such an interesting idea. This is something I would usually imagine on a baby’s head, but it looks just as warm and woolly and cute on an adult. Great!

  2. Nice hood! I’m totally in hood-making mode.. started one over Christmas that is a square top-down hood (figure-8ish cast-on in the middle) with a scarf cast on lengthwise at the bottom of it… and my top-down earflappy thing is certainly pretty hoodie (our local fibre dyer brought a new load of braids into the shop today, whee! More handspun hats for me!)… yeah, hoods rock.

  3. So!! Did you get to wear your hood yet? The weather’s been perfect for it! And that COLOR… I can’t think of a better color for a dreary winter day, especially since it’s my favorite shade of green…it goes with everything!

  4. You go girl! I wish I had the nerve to wear what I like. I always joke to my hubby that I should have been a gypsy. I love bright colors too.

  5. The apple hood is really cute. I would love a pixie-like hat pattern to wear. Plus the color is terrific. If you want snow, Ohio has some!

    Today while I was walking to the library – in my very long wool coat (don’t think you’ve seen it) – a man coming up behind me asked, “Do you have a shotgun under there?” I couldn’t think of anything to say and as he passed me he laughed off the comment. I thought, “how about a .22?”

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  7. I absolutely love this hat. I had one as a child..thought of it as more of a bonnet, actually. I would love to have the pattern. Did you write it or where did you find it? Thanks!

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