and the winners are…


monday – edging books and mary maxim patterns

blogiversary monday

go to Trina!

tuesday – 1960s-early 1970

blogiversary tuesday

go to Hadley, who also just happens to have made a very nice train tam recently.

wednesday – needlecraft magazines

blogiversary wednesday

go to Ria!

thursday – side pony tail patterns

blogiversary thursday

go to Becca!

and the grand finale halland mittens go to…

halland mittens

Evie! who also mentioned that she had made several hats from my patterns for people who need them in her local hospital. in her comment, she mentioned that she’d be going to mount hood next month… so they’ll be put to good use immediately. good to know :)

congrats to you all! i’ll be emailing you. thanks for everyone who participated and double thanks to all of you for being generous commenters, seriously amusing women (i’m unaware if there are any men out there…), and wonderful blog friends. you never fail to bring a smile to my face. thanks for thinking about woolie things with me.


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