blogiversary thursday – late 70s to mid 80s

today’s fare

blogiversary thursday

i bought that top one because it reminded me of a 1980s music video and i wanted to either talk about it on the blog or give it away on the blog. here’s the back

blogiversary thursday

Patons Beehive: The Bumper Beehive Book (c) 1982. the inside is no less funny than the outside.

blogiversary thursday

this one is out of Stylish Knitting: the top international knitting magazine. (c) november 1986. lots of good 1980s intarsia in this one.

blogiversary thursday

from Spinnovations 15: Idea Book… sweaterdressing, the shape of fall. (c) 1978. i love this sweater and there are several other very nice retro chic knits on fine-ish yarn in this one.

WARNING! before you enter to win these, know that there are at least two side ponytails contained here within. now, enter at your own risk.

10 thoughts on “blogiversary thursday – late 70s to mid 80s

  1. Your archive – oops! storage – oops! junk pile – must look like mine! You’ve given me incentive to go through the boxes today. No telling what amazing yarns, patterns, bobbles I might find … maybe even an old picture of my own side ponytail!!!! Still love that lemon bolero!!! woo hoo!

  2. I think we should bring back the side pony. I definitely rocked it as often as possible as a kid.

    Ah, the eighties. Count me in!

  3. Hee, side ponytails! Though those are still better than the ‘paml tree’ hairstyle my parents forced me into when I was a wee one in the 80s. :p

  4. I used to wear a side ponytail with stirrup pants and big slouchy socks. Not sure if I could still rock that look, but some of those vintage patterns are amazing.

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