blogiversary wednesday – 1970s

up for grabs today are these two lovely good housekeeping needlecraft magazines. spring/summer 1973 and fall/winter 1973-74.

blogiversary wednesday

the winter one in particular has some very nice classic looking 1970’s sweaters. there were at least two i though i might knit. however, i chose to photograph this page :)

blogiversary wednesday

and the summer issue – ah the poor summer issues. not much wool happening there, but some nice mohair. several classicly cut cardigans and this bolero ?!? (i had no idea they had such history!)

blogiversary wednesday

i love the loops of yarn that make it look a bit furry. comment if you’d like a chance to win!

7 thoughts on “blogiversary wednesday – 1970s

  1. Why was orange so popular in the seventies? I remember I had this awful poncho in orange and green plaid with lots of fringe. We thought we were so cool!

  2. Ooh, general needlework magazines! I notice one says embroidery; that reminds me that I really need to practise more and get my satin stitch to look a lot more even…

  3. LOVE the lemon sweater with the fluff. It would be perfect to wear for Easter as I serve my famous : ) lemon daffodil cake for dessert.

  4. It is interesting how things come in and out of fashion. The fluff and poof is definitely back, I see amongst the teenagers in our neighbourhood. I am pretty sure they would love the bolero!

  5. Wow, do the craft books bring back memories!!! My mother would buy them all time and then my sister & I
    would pick out projects for her to make. We had some great granny square items in high school. And now those items are making a return. Love the yellow bolero, makes me feel spring is on its way.

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