blogiversary tuesday – 1960’s-1970

today’s picks for the blogiversary are from the late 1960’s/early 70’s if i had a guess. two are labeled.

cable knits for men and women, published by bear brand and fleisher yarns. vol. 78, $1.00. note that the older edging books in the last post were originally 15 cents. book no. 120: Bernat Cables and Raglans for the family… sweaters and coats (revised edition). originally $1.00. i like both of these, but especially the first. mohair + cables? great.

blogiversary tuesday

Bernat Men, $1.25, Book No. 169 (c)1970 and from the february 1964 issue of Woman’s Day – our brilliant, international (hear the drum roll?) Sweater Collection 1964. The Woman’s Day one is probably my fave of the set. it has a really fabulous polka dot intarsia number in it, as well as several very nice colorwork sweaters. also, my personal weakness, embroidery throughout textured knitting.

blogiversary tuesday

comment if you’d like a chance to win!

13 thoughts on “blogiversary tuesday – 1960’s-1970

  1. Happy blogiversary to you!
    I’ve been following your blog for while and I really enjoy to see all your work, especially all your wonderful hats. These vintage catalogues look just wonderful – I would love to win one of those. Looking forward to follow your blog in the future. Kind regards

  2. Love the pink little girl! What always gets me is the price of these old patterns compared to todays prices. Inflation or what?

  3. Sometimes it just astounds me that patterns used to be so cheap. I know it’s all a relative thing, since a dollar was worth more years ago than it is today, but every time I see whole books of patterns priced at $1, I have to wonder what people of that generation now think about the cost of things.

  4. I had a copy of that bernat cables and raglans! I’m not sure if I still do, might have sent it away in a swap box. I love the women’s updo’s!

  5. I’ve really grown fond of vintage Bernat patterns. I’ve got a couple that I’ve collected and they are super neat. I find the men’s collections hilarious, because whenever I show them to the Hubby, he pulls a face. He is much more of a Cobblestone kind of guy.

    Happy Anniversary!

  6. What a hoot, I already own the Sweater Collection 1964. I snitched it from my mom’s archives when I was in college, there are some cool retro “international” patterns in there that I STILL mean to get around to.
    (not in the running, just want to endorse your selection here)

  7. Hi there, Cosy. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve made one of your Train Tams. I’ve posted it on my blog with a link to this site. I hope that’s OK with you. Please let me know if it isn’t. It’s also posted on Ravelry. Kudos are given where they are due, of course.

    All the best for 2008. Happy Blogiversary.


  8. I have some old pattern from the 70’s too! But it’s only about bed jacket, but some are really pretty!
    I had a beautiful one in crochet, the patterns are so beautiful!!

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