blogiversary monday 1950s

you all flatter me! (*blush*) thank you for your many kind comments on the blogiversary. now, today’s contest.

up for offer today are some of my older patterns.
the three mary maxim graph-style patterns (c) 1955-59, seen here

blogiversary monday

the one with the car intarsia on it has part of the chart scribbled over, but should be decipherable should you choose to try it. also, there’s a men’s version of the fleur-de-lis one that you cannot see because of overlap.

along with these, a bunch of older books on edgings – including crochet, knitted, and tatted

blogiversary monday

my grandma's edging

here’s a nice sample of some edging on a store bought table cloth that my grandmother did. she’s in her mid to late 80’s now, so that may give you some time table. i don’t know what year she did this one and, of course, i see no dates on any of these. i feel that the small ones may be more recent. to me, edgings make me think of 1950s and before, thus the fact that they are placed in this category. although, i suppose we could apply the edgings in these books to the edges of shawls now. i love finding knit and crocheted edgings on pillowcases at thrift stores.

my favorite item in these books? tatted collar to spruce up your shirt, anyone?
comment if you’d like the chance to win! and adding to the earlier rules, you can enter as many of the five days as you like – but you can only win one. i believe in spreading around the love.

12 thoughts on “blogiversary monday 1950s

  1. The sweater with the car motive is hilarious! Did grown men really wear it like that? In the picture of your edging booklets, I can see some lace prints too. Are they included in today’s offereing? I love edgings. I’m always looking for knitted edging. I don’t crochet much, but one of my goals is, to make at least one crochet item this year! ;o)

  2. What classic Mary Maxim Cowichan-style patterns! Those are awesome! I definitely hope, hope, hope I might get lucky today. The edgings are neat as well, though tatting is not something I know how to do (though my aunt used to tat, at least, now that I think about it).

  3. The edgings books are impressive! I just took my first crochet class to help me along, as I’ve been fiddling on it by myself for a few years now and made little to no progress. The class really helped push me forward. Knitting is the devil I know, so it seems so much easier. But I have so much yarn and crochet really is faster… I want to be bi-stitch-ual when I grow up.

  4. You know, tatting is something I’ve wanted to learn now for a while, but nowhere seems to have the right tools. :/ I’ve seen some of the beautiful things one can make when tatting, though.

  5. These patterns remind me of the ones I found in a trunk(made from an old simpson sears packing box)which I ‘stole’ for $5 at an auction. No one wanted it but when I got it home and looked through it-what a jackpot!!

  6. Those old sweater patterns are amazing, especially the cars!

    Happy Blogiversary, too. I don’t usually comment, but I love looking at and being inspired by your lovely knits.

  7. Fleur de lis… chunky weight yarn… ahh…I can almost feel the crisp Quebec autumn now… where I would definitely have to go wearing this beauty… well, either there or Maillardville in Coquitlam… pick me pick me ;-) Thanks Cosy

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