blogiversary week

it appears that things happen here in january. i started flickr two januaries ago and last january i started this blog. saturday, six years ago, i got married. i also distinctly remember my biggest hair changes (cutting and dyeing) usually came in january while i was in undergraduate…

some statistics:
68,853 views on this blog
283 posts

so this january, although not an overly sentimental person, i would like to thank you all for visiting and commenting, and keeping me company this year. in thanks i would like to wrap up this series of ponderings on patterns by offering some patterns that you all may enter to win.

here’s how this is going to work:
each day i’ll post a different package of booklets or magazines. you can sign up to be entered in the drawing to win that particular package by commenting on that blog entry. ends at midnight next sunday and i’ll draw winners and announce them early next week.

raising a sock to you all

adria pic

cheers! and to another year of wool!

19 thoughts on “blogiversary week

  1. Happy many anniversaries! It’s always kinda cool to notice that something’s been around for a whole year. I must say, this blog has provided me with a bunch of reading material and inspiration in the past! :D

  2. Awesome Cosy! Happy Blogivesary :) I have enjoyed your blog and adventures this year very much – thanks for sharing so much of your process and projects here, it’s been very inspiring!

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