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thanks for your great and informative comments on the last post! i agree with all of you that i now only buy books when i know i’ll use several patterns in them, or when they have information on techniques i want to learn, inspiration or, for me, historical information. there seems to be no shortage of books that provide one or several of those for me, so i continue to buy books. i also subscribe to interweave knits and spin off, although mostly for the articles. my brain is slowly reconfiguring to imagine a world where individual patterns may be a big part of my library. i think i most appreciate that by buying individual patterns i am 1) giving money to the actual person who wrote the pattern and 2) i have so much more control over what we get for our $20-25 and if i don’t have that much? i can spend $5 and start my project immediately.

loaned books

while we’re still discussing the format/medium of patterns – my friend flo, who used to own a bookstore and has been knitting for a loooong time, has tons of knitting books. as she finds ones with good history sections and whatnot, she’s bringing them to knitting group for me to read. very exciting. this week she brought in these two. i’ll share if i come across anything interesting. i may pick up the swedish sweater book my friend pam sent me too, to stay in theme :)

p.s. remember the pattern i found on the floor in my yarn room? well, sarah apparently could not resist the lure of pattern minus picture and worked up the little christmas stocking while in a waiting room! you can see it here. she also corrected a couple of lines that were wrong. thanks sarah! you’re awesome.

5 thoughts on “books books books

  1. I’m eyeballing the twined knitting book with jealousy :) I’m working on a two ended knitting design now and am reading what I can get my hands on – let me know if you like it/it’s a good reference!

    I saw a very clever way of dealing with all the individual patterns, magazines, etc. that one amasses (one, not me, surely!) on someone’s blog, I regret that I don’t remember, but they had their magazines bound. I thought that was such a great way to protect them and keep them organized – keep thinking I need to look into that at some point. For now my binder will suffice for the individual ones!

  2. I have The Mitten Book – beautiful patterns…I’ve made 4 pair (all preblog and only one pair that I actually got a picture of – the checkered pattern on pg. 60 in baby cashmere yummmm. The Twined Knitting book is intriguing to me…

  3. The mitten book seems interesting to me. I am a novice at stranded knitting and have recently just started knitting a pair of mittens. And am looking for resources to build up my skills!

  4. I love books and especially reference books, so my knitting book library is growing all the time. I have found that I especially like books that give the history of a style or method of knitting as it makes me feel so connected to the generations of people who have used those methods. Your new book looks like a great one!

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