may all your gauges be…

last night i spent a bit of time catching up on my bloglines and noticed all of the lovely new years posts. i started thinking what my new years post might have been in light of my current series on patterns – perhaps may all your gauges be spot on ;) and a challenge? may you create a new pattern this year or alternately – may you make something fulfilling up this year.

i mostly finished cleaning and organizing the little yarn room yesterday and this morning so that i can actually fit one of the spinning wheels in the room. towards the end of organizing, in the pile i was sorting on the floor i saw this little note card. i assume it fell out of one of magazines or booklets i’ve been paging through lately. use at your own risk – you can click on the picture to go to flickr to see the whole note card or click all sizes to see it larger.

xmas stocking

and lastly, the christmas knits? all fit perfectly and were well appreciated. my grandmother loved her shawl. my mom went over there the other day and she had it layed out over the back of the couch. i asked if she wore it while she sat there watching TV and my mom said she didn’t know. maybe i shouldn’t have made it so pretty :)

see previous post here for the rest of these.
dad’s dream fly fishing mitts (perfect! finally…). i’m supposed to make his friend mike a pair now to. it’s only fitting since mike already has a hat i made. outdoorsy men in montana certainly need warm winter wear.

mom’s socks fit fine. about as dramatic as my family gets is saying something like, “the hat fit lester perfectly, he put it on and that was it,” meaning he was happy and didn’t take it off. now, only 2 more christmas projects to go (yes, there are more) and i’m on to some commissions.

8 thoughts on “may all your gauges be…

  1. I love finding old patterns like this. My mother used to track her rows and patterns on index cards, too. I’m still finding them as we go through her stash of stuff in my garage!!

  2. Still going with the Christmas projects? Such stamina you have!

    The stocking pattern you found is so neat to consider. I’d love to find a “mystery pattern” someday and have to figure out what it was only through the process of creating it.

  3. I needed a little “waiting room” knitting today so I took your stocking pattern and managed to finish one. It’s retro cute!

    Even numbered rows are the right side so pick up the first set of 5sts purlwise

    Row 28 should begin “knit 14” not 16.

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