fibery goodness turned bad

i totally thought i was off to a good start on the next part of my business. i had two blog entries about patterns and was planning at least several more in the series, hoping to have my first independent pattern published in 2007. i also planned to make some ornaments and a couple of slippers for guests… and… and then this got in the way

a couch full

the roommates left. this is what i did on christmas eve. the friday before, i even forgot to tell you that ben and i took the little car out to thrift stores and bought a TON of sweaters to recycle (some of which can be seen here in dyed yarn form). there will be even more next week because they’re going out-of-town again. here’s just the roving, which was my focus for this session.


it may not look as if my plans were spoiled, but it really has been stressing me out. that and ben bought me the biggest bookcase he could find at ikea (i requested one somewhat smaller, like half size) – which had to be put together in the yarn room and so everything had to be moved out. the room is seriously just barely bigger than the bookcase laid flat on the floor. now, the roommates come home tonight and i’ve a lot of work to do – as in moving everything back in.

new yarn storage

am i being a bit dramatic? hope to get back to pattern writing and yammering about patterns again soon. that and maybe a walk would do me good. happy new year!

22 thoughts on “fibery goodness turned bad

  1. wow!! i love that so much of that is recyled sweaters… how patient to unravel- i want to try! and no, stuff like that makes me all anxious too- :) i don’t know why! it just does. once it’s all back in place i get happy again-
    love your hats.

  2. OH I AM SO JEALOUS!!! My stuff is in bags piled in the ‘junk’ room. My project for the New Year is to turn it into my craft room.;)

  3. I have tried & tried to revamp sweaters & there’s just NO sweaters to be found in my area…LOL…not after I’ve already shredded ’em all. LOL

    your yarn goodness makes me *swoon*.

    That is some book case. As we speak, all my yarn is in a box. Yes. A box. That’s all I have. Can I even call myself a knitter? LOL

  4. Have you timed yourself frogging sweaters? I have gotten lazy about it recently…you’re an inspiration!

    My New Years resolution is to focus more on my business and learn more about dyeing.

  5. yowza!

    I have to say that I love your color-grouping on the bookshelf. It may be huge, but it will be lovely when it’s stuffed full of wooly goodness.

    so. . . can we expect any of these newly dyed skeins to appear on etsy? I have Christmas money to spend. . .


  6. oh, love the yarn goodness, how could anything that beautiful be bad? :)
    i have that bookcase from ikea, but i have file boxes to hold my yarn in, they fit in the cubbies perfectly. Keep up the good work!

  7. How do you do that??? I can’t get more than 4 widgets of roving done in a day. And that bookshelf – we have one at work and I’m plotting to take it with me when I graduate. Every time I look at it, I imagine putting books into the cubbies, alternated with yarn and sheep displays. :D I can’t wait to see it next time I visit. I was going to volunteer to help you sort out the room.

  8. Oh my. What a deliriously joyous problem to have. Seriously, it’s a beautiful problem, but I know how it feels to be sidetracked, even if it is by something so lovely. you’ll feel even more inspired once you have everything straightened back out.

  9. If I wouldn’t be sitting down, I would sit now. You’ve got serious fiber, girl! Did you know that I’m in the business of buying a bookcase (probably from IKEA) for my knitting books? The bookcase you’ve got looks great, you must feel like living in a yarn store now. If it gets worse, you just have to get rid of some room mates! ;o)

  10. This room looks like a lovely little yarn shop now, Cosy. You should check the zoning in your neighborhood. Any chance you could open your own bricks-and-mortar shop out of your home?

  11. Happy new year!

    I wish I had that many sweaters to recycle. Alas, money’s been annoyingly tight for me for the past while, and is likely to stay that way until well into 2008. :/ Looks like I’ll have to make do with what I have, and just be envious of your stash in the meantime. :D

  12. Ahhh! I have the EXACT same unit from Ikea! It’s really worth every penny and then some! I have mine stuffed to the gills (can’t turn a blind eye to a pretty bit o’ fiber!) and I have stripey baskets on top holding my handspun yarn and batts and whatnot. That storage unit was EXACTLY what I was looking for when I came across it in the catalog – went out the next day and got it. Worth its weight in gold!

    Hope you had a lovely holiday – I’m slowly reading through the blogs I have slacked off on the past 2 weeks!

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  15. Alas, if I had a room, never mind a wonderfully large storage area like that substantial bookcase, I would be content :O) Looks like yr having fun with spinning. I have just started (january 8th) and am having a ball :O)

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