in the mail

for my bro

alpaca hat

every time ben touches this he ohs and ahs over it. maybe he needs an alpaca hat too :)

vintage 2006 alpaca, made in pennsylvania
mountain colors mill ends – weavers wool doubled

some pretty decreases

alpaca hat

and the shear fuzziness of it

alpaca hat

ben and i were hypothesizing that my brother’s head is a bit bigger than ben’s. so although it looks big, we think it will fit lester perfect.

for my dad

flyfishing gloves - take 2

fly fishing mitts. he does a lot of fly fishing – especially now that he’s retired. we tried earlier with these ones

dad's fly fishing mitts

but they didn’t work – came back in the mail and now ben wears them. only for someone i really love will i make fingers or finger holes. actually, i didn’t mind, i just need the time to sit down and concentrate.
cascade 220
knit on size 4 needles to increase the waterproof and windproof factor. not modeled because they’re too small for ben and too big for me.

for my mom

plain ribbed socks

these have been done for a long while… i even used them in my thesis! more christmas posts to come, but without the deadline of christmas – so maybe after? i need to pick up some new needles (and i need more time) in order to complete them!

7 thoughts on “in the mail

  1. You are so lucky that it is winter at Christmas time in the States, because knitteds make such ideal Christmas presents! But here it’s 29 degrees outside and I’m melting, there’s a little electric fan beside me on the desk – my tomato plants are drooping in the heat, and if I give anyone in my family a knitted for Christmas they would probably throw it back at me because even holding it is making them hot! Ah well – birthdays, then.

  2. Did you use a patten for those fly fishing mitts or did you just knit it out of your head? My Dad would like something like that too. :) Still knitting time left, right?

  3. Cosy,I really like those socks! I love the way ribbed socks fit. What kinda yarn is that?

    Does alpaca hold it’s shape good in a ribbed hat? I have some in my stash to spin that would look great in a hat.

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