’tis the season

the craft fairs are over (yay!) and the last one was redemptive of the other two just by the atmosphere and the people who showed up. i like the ‘i made it’ markets quite a bit. and i did in fact buy two nice little subu recycled books from emily. one for me and one for ben. here’s mine:


and what’s that sticking out of the top? i couldn’t resist picking up some of the knitting christmas stamps… although the knit stitches are upside down (snicker snicker – giggle).

that done, christmas and commission crafting are in full swing. i’m hoping to have the box off to my family in mt on friday. so the grandma shawl, she’s blocking. i’ll give you the rundown when i take the final pics later this week.

grandma's shawl

and it’s not just me doing chrismasy stuff – our household decorated for the holidays last night. our roommates had a playmobile creche that they had been very good and not opened when they bought it a couple of months ago. so we all put it together and now it’s on the mantle. i couldn’t resist posting a picture of the sheep… baaaa.


other decorating happened too, just this fit the blog theme :)

7 thoughts on “’tis the season

  1. oh my gosh, you are right, the stitches are upside down on the stamps! Too funny!
    I love those stamps, I bought tons of them.
    have a great week, kristina
    Love your stuff and love your blog. I’m working on my own snow bunny since i saw yours!

  2. I love that book to bits, what a great purchase. I’m so glad the craft fair went well! I used to do the craft fair thing and I know how hit-and-miss they are; one good one can make up for a lot.

  3. I love, love the shawl. Is it your own pattern, or is there anywhere I could find it? I always look for patterns that aren’t to narrow at the bottom, but still are sort of a triangle, and it’s not so easy to come by! I would love it if yoyu could point me in the ritgh direction! :)

  4. Play mobile rocks! I have a shepherd and sheep that accompanied me to the craft show. He’s in charge of my flock. I have friends who have quite an impressive Play Mobile set up at their home too. Not to mention all the knights and vikings that Rich has! By the way – the shawl looks great!

  5. yay! thanks for featuring the book. it looks cute with the stamps. ;-)

    looks like you have been super busy with gifts and classes. happy christmas!

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