brioche hat

brioche hat

from the book weekend knitting out of thrifted wools – one was a killer find at my goodwill in missoula and the other was from a thrift store in butte. that’s pretty impressive because i really didn’t find much wool in montana. knit while i still lived in montana (2003/2004?) when i was fairly novice in the knitting field (but obviously willing to try anything :). i remember struggling and struggling with the top decreases – they may have been poorly written. i even went to the yarn store to see if they could figure out what they said. they couldn’t. all in all, it turned out okay, then it looked horrid on me.

so, brioche stitch hat, where have you been for the last several years? in limbo, i must say. most recently, since the move to pgh, in a bag of failed knits to rip apart and re-use the yarn or to gift. a couple days ago i looked into the bag and saw it. on a whim i threw it to ben to try it on… his current favorite color is purple. i don’t know that he would have worn this one four years ago when i made it (it’s a bit less tame than this purple one that he does wear), but right now, with purple as his favorite color, everything clicked into place. the brioche hat has found a home, and with perfect timing i might add.

brioche hat

3 thoughts on “brioche hat

  1. Too funny! Someone brought that book, for THAT pattern, into the shop yesterday to get some help with it… so I sat down, and struggled through with it (attempting to fake a brioche scarf in order to do a gauge swatch, while still referencing the hat instructions…).. and I still think there’s something wrong in the instructions. Most brain-twisting thing I’ve attemped in a while! Yours does look lovely, though! Neat how things turn up and are suddenly RIGHT!

    Unrelated: are any of your hand warmers or mittens going to show up in your Etsy shop any time soon? I’ve been keeping an eye out for something to grab me.. but the pink lovelies already there aren’t it. Let me know :)

  2. I just want to say that I’ve added your blog to my bloglines list so that I can read it consistently. I’ve had fun this morning perusing your archives too. You’re so inspiring. I love your sense of color. I feel like waking up my “thriftstore junkie” daughter and running over to look for some sweaters to take apart. Maybe I should wait until Monday though – better bargains! Oh, and I plan to make your train tram hat soon. Can’t wait for your book – congrats on that!

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