land of limbo

that’s where this hat has been. it came to the last craft fair with me, but you all didn’t know about it. i couldn’t justify showing it along with the pattern right before, so into limbo it went.

hanging hearts hat

hanging hearts hat

thrifted wool

18 mo. to adult size small.

hanging hearts hat - flat

ah, and the last craft fair. another bust. it wouldn’t have been so bad had people been friendly and stopped to look – but, seriously, it didn’t happen until the last hour. luckily, my fellow craft mafia member subu rose was across from me. and in the boredom, i was certainly tempted to buy one of her lovely books… maybe at ‘i made it’ this weekend, if i make any money.

it’s interesting how you can never predict a craft fair. last year, this one was apparently a pretty good show, this year, not so much. the vendors who did okay or even good were bored out of their minds for part of the day. i guess not all was lost, i got a hat knit :) but seriously, they were trying times. jennie, another mafia member, was tempted to take my knitting needles and poke out her eyes. i’m glad i’m to the end of the holiday craft fair season. i needed a serious nap when i got home from this one.

in other news, ben and i are hopefully buying a car this week. do i hear indie craft fairs in other cities calling? maybe so…

3 thoughts on “land of limbo

  1. it was definitely a slow day. but, i had fun trying on all of your hats! particularly the one you posted. and then laughing at how it looked on me. :-)

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