you all are freaking hilarious. and crazy. and did i mention that we knitters are crazy? go read the comments.


i promised a spinning post this week and here it is! the first of my handspun yarn will make a debut at the next ‘i made it’ craft fair on december 8th! kind of exciting… i’m not totally ready yet, but i did wash and take pictures of the first skeins.

owl down

they’ve been named by trusty flickr friends… which may be how i continue to name my one-of-a-kind handspun. i spend lots of time naming my hats, so when it comes to these i feel i am getting a bit stale. what better way to name them than by using my creative community? look for more handspun that needs naming in the future. i’ll warn you and you can click over to flickr and participate too :)


speaking of craft fairs – if you’re in town – the one this saturday at the edgewood club – 1 penwood ave, from 10-5 pm and benefits the edgewood library.


remember back here when i was talking about getting some shetland wool from a woman i met at the craft fair? well, she actually looked me up before i looked her up and sent me a very nice email! their farm is dancing heart farm and i’m very excited about this collaboration. not that i don’t love woolie collaboration anyhow, but we even have theological collaboration and that makes me at least twice as excited. i am mostly happy because i don’t often come across christians who live their theology and apply christianity to all of their lives. i was very impressed when front page of their website they describe their “philosophy/theology” as follows:

The unexamined life is not worth living; the unexamined faith is not worth having. We are temporary stewards of the planet, its resources, animals and ourselves – not owners. Treat Mother Nature humbly with respect, knowing that whenever you push against her, there is an equal push back, somewhere. Don’t try to arrogantly strong-arm her – you and your descendents will lose. Study her, learn from her, always be aware that you never know it all. Live humbly in harmony with her knowing that each organism has its role to play. As much as possible, let pigs be pigs, sheep be sheep, goats be goats, etc., etc. Use our humanness to understand and co-operate, not destroy, compete and dominate. In this philosophy of farming, you see all of life as a part of a whole and recognize an awesomeness, sacredness and dignity in life, beyond explaining. Within this philosophy of life, one can appreciate the gift of the present by holding all things lightly, enjoying them fully and sharing them generously.

AMEN! my kind of people. hurrah!

winter tidepool

lastly, i’m going to be teaching drop spindling at knit one on the 9th of december from 1-3 if anyone’s interested. it should be fun and they’re getting in roving, beginning spinning books, and drop spindles for the occasion and may continue to have some spinning supplies in the future! especially if the class takes off.


5 thoughts on “cosySpins

  1. I really wish I lived in your area, my mom bought me a drop spindle and roving for my birthday last week. I would sign up for your class in a heart beat.

    All of your hand spun yarns look so lovely. I can’t decide which one I like best. I’m leaning toward tapestry because of the variety of colors.

  2. okay, enough is enough…you’ve put me over the top…i’ve started to leave a comment a few times before but held back…how could i NOT come out of the blog reading shadows to finally comment when i saw this post…your yarns are some of the most beautiful i’ve ever seen! WOW! absolutely stunning. i just discovered your blog a few days ago and i must say it’s been a source of great happiness for me. One of the first things i read was the write-up for your thesis booklet…and it’s practically become my personal manifesto these last days. and this dancing heart farm? wow. my husband and i are farming, and their words spoke so well my exact sentiments about my interactions with the earth, the way your thesis show write up does about creating things from fiber. reading your blog makes me want to quit my job and all other responsibilities so i can just focus on my knitting, spinning, and felting all day long! thank you…

  3. Wow…I love those thoughts from the farm’s philosophy…it makes me so happy inside to know there are others out there living their lives according to such sentiments. Seems so rare sometimes.

    I’d love to take your drop spindle class. Will have to see if I can get there. I’ve been trying to teach myself for a while now. Not going so well. :}

  4. hello there, I am glad to have found your blog – your handspun yarns are rather lovely. I use that word too much – but they are lovely! best wishes and hope you don’t mind me adding you to my list of links. best wishes Cathy

  5. What colours! *drool* Just gorgeous – doubly so for knowing they are ethically and gently farmed. Good for the eye, and the soul. :D

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