we’ve got it bad

and that ain’t good.
so, you know you’re with people who love yarn when…
today at knitting group i was talking to a couple of other people and said that if anyone had scraps (the end pieces from weaving in etc.) i was filling ben’s beanbag with wool. vivian, who i adore, looked at me and said something about not having any scraps.

what she meant was, she uses every darn bit :) gotta love us crazy knitters. then i had to explain what sort of wool went into it, and that all of my precious scraps were in jars and such around the house.

later on i gave her some of the scraps that i scrounged from winding yarn into balls this morning – a pale pink misty alpaca. mmmm. no beanbags for those ones. maybe some embroidery. she sat there and felt them for a bit before putting them in her bag. yup. crazy.

now for the hat interlude…
ice cream on a rainy day hat
in homage to the torrential rains we had yesterday. ben and i liked the pompom because it’s like a cloud :)

ice cream on a rainy day hat - flat

my hand dyed recycled sweater – seen here on the left – wool/angora/nylon
recycled sweater wool for the pompom

ice cream on a rainy day hat

adult medium/small
i recommend clicking over to flickr on that last shot – the right hand side always gets cut off when i move it to the blog.

now an old one that needed a bit more pizazz.
i like to ride my bicycle hat

i like to ride my bicycle hat

cascade 220 new wool
thrifted merino wool
embroidered with recycled sweater wool

i like to ride my bicycle hat - flat

size medium/small

that episode with vivian reminded me of something that happened right after we moved to pittsburgh. i bought a bunch of wool from a woman who lives in my neighborhood (originally documented here). when i noticed old yarn labels in the boxes without yarn attached and expressed interest in them also, she looked at me and said, grinning, “oh, you’ve got it bad!”

so what about you all? any particular moments when you realized that you too may be a crazy knitter?

16 thoughts on “we’ve got it bad

  1. I have a jar that I keep on my desk that I keep all my scraps in and a baggy that I keep with me to stick scraps in on the go. I also have a ball that is made up of pieces that are several inches to a foot long.

    The other girls in my knitting circle don’t quite understand my NEED to keep my scraps but will sometimes give me theirs.

    I had a crazy knitter moment in a discount store when I stumbled upon a bin of 50% wool/50% acrylic bulky yarn for $1.00 a skein. They only had 5-6 of each color but I pulled the entire bin out into the floor and sat for 20 minutes or more trying to decide which colors went together and if I would have enough for certain projects. Several shoppers gave me crazy looks. I finally decided on several skeins. Then a few hours later when I got off work, I went back and bought more! The yarn bug bit me bad that day.

    BTW, I absolutely adore the bicycle hat!

  2. I’ve just recently noticed that I’m rather insane about sweaters.

    Over Thanksgiving, my family was vegging out in a food coma in front of the tv, and “Meet the Parents” was on. I was staring at Blythe Danner’s sweater, and couldn’t help thinking how much it looked like Marseilles from the Summer ’06 Interweave.

    I later pestered my aunt to take off her sweater, which had this great poofy, Victorian-esque collar, to see how it was constructed.

    I’m not well.

  3. I guess it means I have it bad when I’m prowling the house looking for stuff to sell on ebay so I can buy a sweater’s worth (Tangled Yoke Cardigan thankyouverymuch) of Rowan Felted Tweed. Sad. Very sad. But at least I’ve resisted raiding my savings account! lol

  4. During a particularly stressful finals week I carried around a swatch of alpaca so that when things got really bad I could pull it out and look at it, or fondle it in my pocket while I studied.

    Wow, now that I read that, it is pretty embarrassing.

  5. I’ve been known to ogle people’s sweaters/shawls/scarves/hats on the bus, or at work, and speculate as to whether they’re handknit, machine knit, storebought.

    I once examined a co-worker’s sweater in a meeting for almost a half hour, working out the stitch pattern. (almost but not quite “jaywalker” chevron)

    Just last week, I wondered if it’d be worth the crowds to pick up a couple of the old navy 100% cashmere sweaters on black friday because they were selling them cheaper than you can buy cashmere… and the seams were froggable, i checked. crazy, yes.

  6. I once spent an entire evening checking out, examining the seams of, and carefully looking at the buttonholes and aran patterns of a friend’s woollen knitted cape.

    It was doubly embarrassing for her because we were in a very crowded bar, with beer, and a hockey game going on, and it was dark.

    My friends have also learned to just surrender their scarves if I’m interested in the pattern or colour. They unwind it from their necks. I look at it closely, at the weave, the colour, and ask them where they got it. They wait patiently. Then they let me put the scarves back on them. It’s like a little ritual…

  7. Yeah! More great hats!! I especially like the bicycle one. What exciting stuff you’ve got going on Cosy. So glad that your gig at the yarn store is going well & I love the sense on community in your knits. How awesome!

    Crazy knitter moments… Tad caught me “knitting” in my sleep once ;)

  8. Yup, I keep my scraps, if they’re feltable. I have the most brightly colored ziploc bag full of thick, thin, variegated, smooth, fuzzy, the whole works. And I’ve been trying to figure out how to felt them into little racquetball sized balls, for kitty toys. But part with them? Throw them away? Never! I got your Queen reference re your bicycle hat! And the hat–way cool!

  9. I have been addicted to craft supplies in general (yarn, fabric, paper, etc.) since I was a child. However, I realized how addicted I had become to knitting when after after having back surgery about 4 weeks ago, I was in my hospital room and it was about 2 hours after they brought me up. I, of course, brought a traveling knitting bag with me, just enough supplies to make a hat. I was in my bed, morphine drip and all knitting my little heart out. I will tell you that I fell asleep and woke up A LOT, but I was very happy to have that knitting in my hands.

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  11. During what I like to refer to as a “rough patch” last winter I did carry around a swatch of a sweater I was knitting in my coat pocket. I told myself it was because I needed to find buttons for it, but having that little swatch in my pocket sure did make me feel better.

    Also, I knit, ripped out and then re-knit a sweater on size 2 needles just so I could wear it in a friend’s wedding, that was pretty crazy.

  12. This year I’m converting a bunch of my scrap yarn into bows and pom-poms to use in lieu of ribbon on Christmas presents.

    oh, and I’ve carried swatches around, too. Most recently a swatch of handspun that I knit up to make sure I was spinning the right gauge for the cobblestone sweater that I’m hoping to knit for my hubby. It’s a luscious tweedy scrap of wool/alpaca in browns and greens. I carried it around for comfort–to remind myself of good productive things in life when I was feeling stuck in other areas…

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