a day for mitts


mitt weather

one pair for a gentleman in the neighborhood
fleur de lis wallpaper mitts

fleur de lis wallpaper mitts

new wools (donegal tweed and cascade 220)
embroidered with thrifted wool

fleur de lis wallpaper mitts - embroidery

men’s medium/large

watercolor mitts
i’m thinking nice picot edges everywhere next time i do this kind of mitt.

watercolor mitts

my hand dyed recycled sweater wools
new wool – cascade 220

women’s small/medium – so alas, no picture of them in action. my roommate and i both have larger sized hands.

i’ve also come to the conclusion that the mittens i thought fit me, don’t actually fit. okay, okay – i was being optimistic when i thought that to begin with ;) wore them once and they certainly don’t fit. back to the drawing board. on the other hand, i wasn’t really making them for anyone in particular when i started them, so them not fitting me is not unusual. head sizes? got them down. mitt sizes? still working on them.

hope you all have a good day!

7 thoughts on “a day for mitts

  1. I love the green ones! I need to make some reading mitts for my FIL, he’s bedridden and feels cold, but he still loves to read. His 90th birthday is in a few weeks.

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