been a while

since i’ve done a knitting post! here’s a pic to get you through my rambling.

scrap-happy mountain mohair hat - top

last night my dad called for the express purpose of telling me that he wouldn’t mind me making him more woolie socks. i guess he finally started wearing the ones i made him several christmases ago :) but i also don’t think he knows what he’s getting in to. they were worsted weight, size 7 needles, afterthought heel – from back when i hadn’t made many socks at all. similar to these, but not so wild, just a browny black. now he’s in for ribbing, worsted weight wool, size four needles… all around warmer, better, and much, much better fitting! it makes me happy that part of them will be a surprise. oh, and christmas? i’m still going to make the mitts for him.

maybe socks in february because i am pondering sending my parents a valentines package of more knitting. i have to tell you that it’s fun to knit for my dad even though it is generally plain colored simple garments. he sincerely appreciates them. i get my over all coldness from him and so knitting for him is like bonding through wool. to some extent, warm=happy for both of us. that old wool quilt that used to be on his side of the bed? now on mine. i figure i owe him one :)

thanks to you all for the lovely birthday wishes… the day itself was great, the highlights being a free thanksgiving dinner for the community (broader) put on by my friend carrie’s church, the aforementioned cake, some knit finishing (oh… fun, you’re thinking) and a game of ticket to ride europe in which i kicked some bootie.

scrap-happy mountain mohair hat

scrap-happy mountain mohair hat - flat

mohair/wool – i’m thinking green mountain spinnery – from vivian, a knitting benefactress
my handspun
cascade 220 – from flo another one of my knitting benefactress’
thrifted wool (from when i was in vancouver)
new donegal tweed

scrap-happy mountain mohair hat

6-18 mo.

blockhead hat
the grey wool on this one is soooo soft and lovely.

 blockhead hat - flat

frog tree wool – inherited from suzanne (another benefactress)
new wool – cascade 220

blockhead hat

0-6 mo.

born to be a tree climber hat

born to be a tree climber hat - flat

recycled sweater wool (from laurie)
new wool – cascade 220
hand dyed mountain colors mill end

born to be a tree climber hat

0-6 mo.

i get the feeling that my little knitting business is becoming more and more of a community endeavor.   plus, all of these ladies are happy to get the little balls of yarn out of their homes. and i’m now sick of doing baby hats. onward. expect a spinning post soon!

4 thoughts on “been a while

  1. Oh, you’re doing well if you’ve got Flo and Vivian giving you yarn. Ask Flo to tell you about how she’s known me since I was six. And what an annoying little brat I was, too. :)

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