a bust

that was the craft fair on monday. for numerous reasons that i’m not going to go into. on the bright side – mary who organized it is very nice and we sat and talked most of the day AND i met a woman who raises shetland sheep who told me i could buy part of one of her fleeces!! although she usually processes them herself, this year she sent them away and they’re due back shortly. she has been raising her flock for 7 years now and loves it! the sheep live outside all year round and are treated with love and care. i’ll give you more info on the farm once i contact them so you all can know about them too. i’m pretty sure they’re in northern pa.

onward. i have been knitting lately, just not finishing

pile of knitting

yesterday while i just sat there for hours i got the second of the green/blue mitts done (the first being done at the craft mafia meeting i had on sunday) and started and finished the baby hat. i also started on another adult hat (not pictured). the black and grey mitts (only one appears in the picture, but there are two of these) are a commission for a local gentleman. i’m going to attempt to embroider a fleur de lis on the back of one of them. we’ll see how that goes.

there has also been spinning here

spinning stuffs

yup. worked something like 12 hours yesterday. the evening saw ben working on homework and me spinning while listening to this american life. he had coffee, i had tea.  it was an idyllic scene. i always find it strange when i have really productive days that don’t feel like work at all. speaking of work though – in 25 minutes i’m off to my first day of the new job! i thank you all for your kind congrats, but i also think you’re a bit idealistic ;) but hey! better to be excited than not.

4 thoughts on “a bust

  1. have a great first day!
    i am still reading the social history of knitting, so i don’t have a favorite part yet (you had asked me a month or so ago). but so far i love the section about knitting as a rebellious activity during the revolution :)

  2. Glad to see you’re settling in well in Pittsburgh. I’ve been enjoying the eye candy of all your recent hats and mitts showing up here, just haven’t had much time to comment lately.

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving.

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