handmade arcade rundown

as promised, i took no pictures… but handmade arcade was brilliant. i had maybe two silly people, everyone else was fabulous. when they opened the doors on saturday, it was like flood gates. sunday wasn’t nearly as good, but i think my view was skewered because i was in the process of getting sick. that compounded with a place that is freezing cold and no hoards to distract me may have lead to a bit of discontent. how good was it? so good that several vendors didn’t even come for sunday because they sold out!

here’s my rundown of silly things
unexpected: people asking for manly square hats!!!
interesting: old hardcover books being made into purses – ben was particularily fond of wuthering heights
missing: fiber! to the dismay of all of my knitting friends. also, not much jewelry and no ceramics!
first things gone from my table: the manly mitts. i guess i’ll be making more of those!!
most pleasurable: besides the food (chai cupcakes, franktuary veggie dogs, and hummus with assorted veggies and pitas), my favorite part was seeing my baby and kid hats on heads. so fun!
funny comment: one lady thought for sure that squids and octopuses must have some deep hidden meaning because they were EVERYWHERE there. i reassured her that it was just pop culture.
seen bobbling through the crowd: amazing balloon creatures (car, butterfly, anything complicated you can think of, it was made)

my purchase – one skein of squishy yummy merino by cityspun, the only yarnie person there.


ben bought me this vintage slip dress by lavender zebra press for my birthday.

lavender zebra press

it is handy that both of our birthdays are around major craft fair season! we also picked up a couple of small items for christmas.

i learned from this that my business is most probably viable (yay!) and that there are no spinners selling their yarns in pittsburgh. cityspun used to be here, but is now in lancaster. that’s a gap i may just need to fill!!! pronto. more on that later this week. the only bad thing is that she described spinning in pittsburgh as ‘lonely’ :( although, i’ve offered to teach anyone who wants to learn from my knit one groups and they seem keen, so i see that changing.

i also got another craft fair from being at handmade, which is great. my next two craft fairs are benefits for organizations – the first for the shadyside women’s hospital auxiliary (Nov 19th) and the second for the cc mellor library (Dec 1st). kind of glad i didn’t sell everything :)

3 thoughts on “handmade arcade rundown

  1. spinning in pittsburgh doesn’t have to be lonely… there are monthly get-togethers via an email list, and I’d be happy to send your info along. next one is on the 30th, then nothing until after the seasonal holiday season.

    and seriously, from what I saw there, I might put together some yarn inventory and see if i can get in next year.

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