ups and downs

i’m sick (right after handmade of course) but i decided that i should not leave all of you in blogland hanging about the outcomes.

first – handmade arcade went very well. more on that tomorrow. it was lovely to meet everyone who stopped by to say ‘hi’ – i’m kind of sad that i didn’t get more time to chat. welcome to all who found this blog via handmade!

second – although i generally answer most comments via email, you may not get an email answer if you’ve commented in the last week. several things happened in order to make the email a bit crazy… simultaneous posting of both this entry (which has new responses by the day still!!!) with a list of people with the most projects tagged handspun on ravelry has sent many new people this way. two days ago, i had my all time high visitage of 460 hits! welcome to all of you ravelers!!

tomorrow, if i’m feeling better, i hope to do a real blog entry on handmade and i’ll leave you with this mosaic which should give you a hint of some of my future plans for the biz!

my colorwork

4 thoughts on “ups and downs

  1. ah, i love a good saves the day quote.

    sorry to hear you’re feeling ill, but i’m glad the arcade went well. i wish we had something like that around here, it looked like a lot of fun.

  2. I didn’t realize you were sick. No one we didn’t see you at the group. Drink plenty of fluids and get rest. Tie down those knitting hands.

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