the rundown

here’s the table we came up with – it’s overwhelming, as always. i get asked a lot about my choice to use bright table cloths under my knit goods – and frankly, i think it adds to the charm :) against all of the experts advice though. this table is two feet shorter than my actual table, so there will be a bit more space to spread tomorrow.

practice table for handmade arcade

there are notes on the above picture over on flickr telling you where these signs are

new signage

old sign

and here’s what i have:
26 adult sized hats
7 18 mo.-4 yr hats
7 6-18 mo. hats
7 0-6 mo. hats
3 pairs of mittens
5 pairs of fingerless mitts
9 neck warmers
20 snow bunnies

if there’s anything i regret, it’s the amount of fingerless mitts. i’ve been intimidated by other methods of making fingerless mitts that can be sold cheaper at craft fairs, and so have focused on my hats. i’ve noticed recently that mine have been selling pretty well and wish i had more like 10 pairs. ah well, next time. and it seems lucky i don’t have more since they won’t fit on the table!!!

if i had four children...

9 thoughts on “the rundown

  1. Hi Cosy,
    I vote for the brightly colored undercloths, too! Much more interesting and appealing than plain white or some other solid. Now, here’s an additional display idea, if you’re open to it. Your photos of the hats on balls on top of the cans are so good. I see a couple of them on the table, but suggest giving them some additional height. If you had some more little suitcases, like the open one in the photo, that could be stacked zig-zag style, and then a couple of the hats-on-balls&cans on top, or staggered on the tiers. In lieu of more suitcases, perhaps boxes wrapped in (recycled bags?) paper or more of the colorful fabric, even. Your commitment to thrifting and recycling is inspiring. Best of luck with this (and future) events. I’m going to hop over to flickr now and see where the signs are going! Hope you sell out!

  2. I love love love using the suitcase as a display! It’s such a great idea – it adds more ‘story’ to your table, if you know what I mean, and you probably do. The table looked great by the way. Is that the craft sale that turned out to be a bust?

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