pushing the red wheelbarrow

you all are hilarious! ben and i really enjoyed reading through your comments and for that reason i highly recommend you go back and read any you haven’t read as of yet! for your convenience, they’re here. and next time you are told of someone wanting to find out why young people are knitting, just send them here – we’ll take care of them ;)

more snow bunnies!

in other news, i’ve been nominated for a makes me smile award


and that makes me smile :) the lovely blogger who nominated me runs the ‘knitbeast’ blog which i’ve been enjoying for a couple of months now. it’s even more fun when it’s mutual – thank you!!! and in turn i suppose i should nominate some people. currently, these blogs are making me smile – barefoot rooster, do stuff!, tiny happy, pipe dreams and purling plans, and pea soup. go check them out and i hope they make you smile too.

snow bunnies!

if you haven’t noticed, my work for the last day or two is done – 20 snow bunnies. i highly recommend clicking over to flickr and clicking the ‘all sizes’ button above each picture because texture is one of the greatest things about these. two of them use some pretty serious angora.

snow bunnies again!

yesterday i inventoried and tagged. today we will be working on the table set up and packing everything up so i’m ready to go tomorrow. i’ll leave you with a shot of my favorite snow bunnies

my favorite snow bunnies!

which i have labeled with notes on flickr as to their fiber content… and a pic of me wearing my current favorite shade of green. ah, the lovely double chin which matters not to me today. if you’re coming to handmade, i’ll see you tomorrow! i’ll be the girl eying the red wheelbarrow with skepticism and anticipation.  oh, and i’ll have a lot of knits for sale.

snow bunny modeled

3 thoughts on “pushing the red wheelbarrow

  1. I’m catching up!

    Dude. I just left you a really sad-ass comment (happy, too, but still!) Now I feel a little sheeeeep-ish – baaaaa!!

    Thank you Cosy. Your blog is a real bright spot – I enjoy it immensely. I can come on over here for small, lovely, useful, and sustainable projects that make me smile on all counts. It’s very inspiring! Sometimes I feel like my blog is a little too much “thinking” and “processing” (though sometimes that activity is built right into the knitting, so even if I don’t mention it, I’m feeling what went into it!). Anyway, thank you, very much, what a nice thing :)

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