keep your neck warmer

i got a lot done yesterday while at knit one! knitting group was fun so i stayed late and then there was no reason to go home… because stacey – the owner – bought pizza for the ravelry meet-up. then i came home and finished and knit a bit more. today i might move on to snow bunnies. we’ll see.

red feather and fan neckwarmer

red feather and fan neckwarmer

recycled banana republic merino wool
semi-solid wool from fearless fibers

please pass the greens neckwarmer
the button needs a bit better attachment

please pass the green neckwarmer

my hand dyed recycled banana republic sweater yarn seen here
41% rayon/36% wool/16% nylon/7% angora
wee bit of lamb’s pride mohair/wool blend

please pass the greens neckwarmer - flat

antiqued handspun neckwarmer

antiqued handspun neckwarmer

my handspun, hand dyed wool

antiqued handspun neckwarmer - flat

and we all know how much i like that they can be converted to head gear – cause i’m a dork like that :) here, here and here. know that i was mildly amused during all of those photos by the sheer dorkiness. what can i say? i like to be warm and these allow me to be warm in two ways rather than just one :)

on the other hand, i don’t like photographing these very much, although i think they wear well and are pretty otherwise. too much risk to get my face at very very unflattering angles :) ah well, it’s done. look at the knitting, not at me.

in internet knits news – traci finished a very nice train tam and dropped me a note on ravelry so i could see it. thanks traci! looks great. and also these two cuties showed up on flickr wearing my knits! i get so very excited when i see people wearing my knits because it’s such a rarity to see. their mama commented the same about the amazing dolls that she makes. the list of handmade goods for the children we haven’t had yet continues to get longer and longer :)

hope you all have a great day! i’m going to drink tea and (guess… bet you can’t guess…) knit. knit. knit. and listen to howards end from librivox of course.

p.s. i put everything in edit mode over at the etsy shop in preparation for handmade… if you’ve been thinking about/watching something and want to buy it, give me an email and i’ll put it back up reserved for you.

5 thoughts on “keep your neck warmer

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  2. Where can I get the pattern to knit the “Red Feather and Fan” neck warmer? I saw the neck warmer at Annie’s in NYC. Very beautiful.

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