tuesday’s child is full of grace

or at least has a graceful neck…

melon neckscarf
i tried to find matching buttons, but it wasn’t happening. i especially love the middle one with the fake stitching. and this one has some options since you just slip the buttons through the knitting – you can button one two or three.

melon neckwamer

my handspun wool/silk dyed by fleece artist – sooo squishy and soft

melon neckwarmer - flat

blue moons neckscarf
this yarn is de-licious… must be that angora.

blue moons neckwarmer

my hand dyed recycled dkny sweater wool – three colorways from this batch
58% wool/31% angora/11% nylon

blue moons neckwarmer - flat

and, as out of place as can be, some mittens that i’m working up a pattern in order to make some kits with some of my hand dyed. not quite perfect yet.

orange rothko mitts
i love how the mohair blurs the lines just like in his paintings.

orange rothko mitts - flat

vintage mohair seen here
my hand dyed recycled sweater wools

orange rothko mitts - modeled

today i am spending more that my fair share of time at knit one. i refuse to miss another afternoon knitting group – since i miss so much drama :) and then from 6-8 there’s a ravelry meet-up there also. my curiosity has me coming out for that one. i may not stay very long… we’ll see.

5 thoughts on “tuesday’s child is full of grace

  1. How fun! I love the mitten colors!

    (The fleeceartist yarn is so pretty — I got some of their roving when I was in Canada and have just finished up a small project with it…)

  2. ADORABLE hats, ADORABLE neckies, ADORABLE mittens! I don’t think I ever come to visit your blog and find something I DON’T like! Everything’s so inspiring! Can’t wait for your book!

    “Meh” is the perfect way to describe my reaction to IK this time around – although I admit I haven’t gotten the chance to read the articles, which I will do this week!

  3. Hello! I just found your blog. Actually, I’m a Regent student and I was at your show last year (beautiful) and we have some mutual friends, but I ran across your blog while looking at Bamboletta’s Waldorf dolls. I so enjoy this whole crafty blogging, women making stuff world, but it’s nice to have the bit of connection to my Regent world, too. Fantastic about your book! What a lovely outcome. Are you still in Vancouver?

  4. of course, i love all of it. i want to thank you for the site to knit one, it looks like a great place. unfortunately, i live in philly, but i would love to see it in person. how do you spin your own yarn? do you do it by a spindle? i absolutely love it and definitely would like to learn. any suggestions?

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