red wheelbarrow

it is finish up week over here at la maison chez cosy. handmade arcade is next weekend and i can’t help but feel that much depends upon this. to me, that doesn’t mean that i’m going to get all stressed out and go into over production mode… instead it means that i need to keep working for the week and try to assess what actually happens and where the business should go from there. after all, the success or failure at my first major indie craft fair will, to some extent, define the direction of my business. next year at this time will i be hitting numerous indie craft fairs, driving around the east coast and midwest? will i be working some other random job? can i make enough doing this to survive? is my business viable in this way?

everything depends upon that damn red wheelbarrow that is handmade arcade. well, that and the book :) but i can’t wait that long to see what happens.

red wheelbarrow or no, i’ve things to do. two pairs of mittens in progress, three hats still on the stack to be finished, and, of course, snow bunnies must be produced. there’s also labeling and perhaps some tracking down of fabric to hang down in front of my table. here are two hats i finished up this morning.

peach tree hat
*love* olive with peachy tones.


my hand dyed thrifted wools

3-5 years (20 in. head), or with parental supervision 18 mo. on up.


put a feather in my cap
this hat was knit purely because i liked the green and purple together. i thought it may be an earflap hat in the beginning. then, it was over-inspired by a stained glass window which also had a deep blueish purple in it and a shape similar to the embroidery. those all added together equal this hat. not my usual process.

put a feather in my cap - flat

cascade 200
my hand dyed recycled sweater wool

adult medium (as seen on me – a bit over-sized) or adult large.

put a feather in my cap

two hats – quite similar in their ordering, no? a bit unlike me unless forced because i run out of wool, but these two were somewhat planned.

2 thoughts on “red wheelbarrow

  1. I absolutely LOVE the many tones of colors you are getting in your dye work. I wish we lived closer so I could come and “observe.” Best wishes for a successful event. I’m sure it will all come together for you!

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