grandma’s shawl

a bit of progress this sabbath. i also finished ripping the sweater and washing the yarn so i’m ready to keep on going. this yarn is really quite lovely.

grandma's shawl

the other thing you should know is that i switched the pattern. first off, i thought i’d do the shetland triangle pattern from wrap style, but i couldn’t find my copy of that book and i could find folk shawls, so a folk shawl pattern it is! after looking through the book i decided on the feather and fan triangle shawl. so what you’re seeing in this slightly blurry photo is the upper back of the neck where the shawl starts and then a ways into the eyelet and garter stitch section which is most of the shawl. as you may guess, it eventually turns into feather and fan. the pattern in the book changes from black for the garter/eyelet to a larger stripe of dark grey and then a smaller stripe of lighter grey. i’m undecided as to whether i’m going to change colors at all, for all or some of the feather and fan border. i currently am imagining that a nice soft lofty cream yarn would be nice with the muted pink…

when i looked on ravelry, some of the color transitions were very successful, but some were not so much. any opinions?

p.s. check out these fabulous scrap-happy creations! yay! first ones i’ve seen on little people’s heads.  i also added notes to the pattern to describe how to up-size it (4 yr old to adult small) and downsize it (6-18 mo.).

p.p.s. i also must draw your attention to my newest bloggy trick – my free patterns are now linked to buttons on my side bar. nifty. (or alternately, it’s about damn time :).

2 thoughts on “grandma’s shawl

  1. it must be very exciting to see someone else using your patterns/ideas and actually giving you credit – well deserved i must add. i am sooo happy for that wonderful button on your blog entitled “free patterns” – thank you so much. As far as color changes for your shawl, i prefer a shawl in a solid color. however, your color changes are so smooth it would probably look lovely. give it a try! good luck. mary

  2. i’m feeling totally inspired by your feather and fan shawl to do my own– or maybe for a gift. thanks for showing it in colors other than black, white and grey (pretty as they are, i just couldn’t get around them).

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