tulips in the springtime

apples in the fall
If I can’t have you all the time, I won’t have none at all*

tulip mitts

tulip mitts

recycled sweater wool (an arm in trade from my friend laurie)
two thrifted wools
cascade 220 wool

women’s small/medium

tulip mitts - flat

alpaca on the inside mitts
you have to make sure your rings don’t get caught on these ones! i think a smaller needle size is needed here, although i must say that i quite like them. i wanted to make mittens, but trusted my intuition and cut them short. thank goodness – there is zero of this yarn left – indeed, the thumbs are red :)

alpaca on the inside mitts

my hand dyed thrifted wool
banana republic recycled sweater alpaca

women’s medium

alpaca on the inside mitts - in action

i purposefully made both of these mitts long for warmth. i like this style because if you need more freedom, you just fold the tops back.

*gillian welch lyrics

3 thoughts on “tulips in the springtime

  1. i LOVE the mitts. i love the way you do the little heart patterns. is that duplicate stitching? or intarsia? i don’t know anything about colour-knitting at the moment, stripes are as much as i can handle, but i’d love to learn… does your book go into that?

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