mail, men, and mitts

as per requested – fingerless mitts in manly colors and sizes.

jail break mitts
the yarns on these ones were a slightly different gauge, so when i blocked them i stretched the black one to the size of the brown one.

jail break mitts

my hand dyed recycled sweater wool
cascade 220

men’s medium/large

jail break mitts - in action

radio tuner mitts

radio tuner mitts

my hand dyed recycled sweater wool

men’s medium/large

radio tuner mitts - in action

perhaps one more pair to come before handmade arcade! right now i’m working on some women’s.

i also have recieved several fun packages this week. ally, who took over my old thrift store haunts when i left vancouver, sent me this huge bag of tapestry wool! thanks ally.


and my mom. what can i say about my mom? she sends these crazy lovely boxes every once in a while with some mystery as to the contents. this time she sent candy corn – which made me very happy… but also some of my old art supplies that were in her basement (last time we got my wedding dress and a couple of ben’s dad’s 1970s suits including a mauve 3 piece polyester one), misc. mail, and a couple of fibery things.

from mom

this time there is one tweedy blue sweater – good for recycling, some crazy wool that i’ve no idea what i’ll do with (maybe a rug?), one of my moms old brayers from when she was in university (love that it still has its box although it’s probably too hard to use) and some of my block printing supplies. the sparkly bank bag? i’ve been using it as an art supply holder for a long time, but this time it’s full of cutters for carving blocks. why oh why did they ever stop making sparkling bank bags?
friends and moms are good :)

p.s. i also received my spotone, for retouching photos. any photographers out there who want to orchestrate a trade? i don’t think i’ll be getting into a darkroom any time soon… and from the on-line rumor mill (when i tried to link it) spotone may not be being made any more.

3 thoughts on “mail, men, and mitts

  1. Do you knit sweaters? That chunky yarn might be a good fast sweater? I like the gloves in the “manly” colors. Personally, I like the ones with half fingers in them, but I can see where these would be useful.

    I just love getting surprise boxes in the mail. My mom does that from time to time too. Fun!

    Looking forward to seeing your creations.

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