christmas knits

i’ve finished my halland mittens just in time for the coldness that has just hit us. yes, it is a lovely sparkling sunny coldness, but very cold none-the-less.

halland mittens

halland mittens from folk mittens
US size 4 40″ addi turbo (i think it calls for a three)
my hand dyed recycled sweater wool/angora/nylon
lamb’s pride wool/mohair
*love* the fuzziness!!

halland mittens - flat

i could easily have gone up one more needle size. i think, perhaps i’ve different shaped hands than i think i have :) they’re certainly a snug fit although i blocked them like nobody’s business – for me this consisted of trying them on my hands and stretching them as much as i could whenever i noticed them blocking on our bedroom floor. i think it will also help the fit to cut my fingernails (but that’s another story). overall, i tend to like my mittens a bit more loose fitting. that said, these are mine, i love them and i am going to wear them very happily. i highly recommend the book and the pattern – watch that thumb chart though because it’s misprinted. i just followed the colorwork pattern already established on the mitten and the number of rows in the thumb chart. there’s probably a errata somewhere out there.

halland mittens - modeled

so, those done i’ve been turning my brain to more christmas knitting. i have a very small family and they are now quite accustomed to knitted gifts every year, which i don’t mind at all.

katie (mother-in-law) – i’m actually spinning her yarn from this roving that she bought while we were visiting alaska
mom – saw my camera case and requested one, but i already made her these socks. i think she’ll get the camera case for valentines or something.
dad – take two on the fly fishing mitts. i’m actually going to give him the darn finger holes that he wants this time :) this pair came back to us in the mail cause he wasn’t wearing them and ben and i will.
lester – my older brother will get two close fitting ribbed beanies. subtle and manly. black, grey, maybe a bit of red. some brown or blue if i’m daring.

and this year i am also adding someone else to the permanent list. it will be the first time that i will have ever knit for my grandmother. this may sound odd to some of you, but she was disowned and just recently made a re-appearance… and as you can imagine there are other complications of course. she’s a very picky woman. her state right now is that she is in her 80s and hates being old and not being in control. she sits around and watches TV a lot, so i thought a shawl would be perfect – both pretty and warm – but i was also afraid that a shawl would merely offend her. with her, you really never know. my mom brought up the idea for me around last christmas and grandma said she had fond memories of someone (her mom? her grandma?) wearing a shawl, so come to find out that she would like one! i was quite surprised.

shetland triangle shawl

so i’ve decided to use this yarn – lovely soft natural animal fiber of some sort – rescued from a sweater that my friend sarah thrifted and mailed me. on monday i started ripping the sweater and washed up some of the fiber, i think it will be perfect! next, i need to ask my mom what my grandma thinks of pink, or the final project might be in for an over dye. i have the feeling it will be fine.

as to patterns, i’m pretty sure i’m going to try the shetland triangle shawl from wrap style. so i looked through the examples on ravelry for one done with worsted weight yarn because i could and found this very pretty one from brooklyn tweed. i probably would have went ahead with it anyhow, but since i’ve access to the resource, i figured i’d take a peek. now i’m very excited to get started – although it will have to wait for the next sabbath.

6 thoughts on “christmas knits

  1. I knit something for Nanner, my dad’s mom, last Christmas. She had been complaining of cold hands, so I made a pair of fingerless mitts for her. I think the only time she wore them was the day I gave them to her. She’s moved back to Florida now, and my mom recovered them. I may decide to regift them.

  2. The color pair in these mittens is perfect. We have the same coldness down here — particularly in the early mornings: just right for mitts! Also,I love how wordpress pops up to show the links to mitts, family portraits, buttons, etc. My holiday list to come soon — so many options!

  3. These are beautiful! I just bought the Folk Mittens this past weekend. I am often wow’d by your recycled yarn from thrifted sweaters and enjoy following your pics on flickr. Love the pink and brown combo of these mittens. Bring on the cool weather!

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