belle hat

blue belle hat

blue belle hat

lamb’s pride worsted (15% mohair/85% wool)
my hand dyed thrifted wool (thrifted by my friend susan)
duplicate stitch with some of my hand dyed recycled sweater yarn

this one’s a big hat! i like how it fits on my 22 in. head, so i guess it’s size medium/large, leaning towards the larger end of things. another design i’m considering publishing (or something very similar). i love the shape of it, which is, indeed, like a bell.

blue belle hat

i had a very fibery last couple of days. i did my first entertaining in pittsburgh – a knitting group of course! we’re going to try to meet twice a month, although i’m guessing it will be once a month for the next two. i promised you pictures… and i took none of course. i can share with you that the fabulous gwen came with her entourage – she bears the distinction of the only person i knew on-line before in real life to date. she lives just an hour away and showed up with some lovely pumpkin cookies and her newly finished train tam (the best looking one i’ve seen as of yet). we drank tea and wine and ate too many cookies and too much of my favorite stew. it was lovely. i got no knitting done. maybe next time :)

sunday i had a meeting which was conducive to a bit of knitting and some bus knitting.  that lead to me taking monday as my sabbath… so i’ve a bit of knitting to show you tomorrow from that. handmade arcade is in two weeks people!!! i better stop being chatty and go knit something.

have a great day!

4 thoughts on “belle hat

  1. oh, I’m glad you linked to the soup recipe – I don’t think it attached to the email. It was a very pleasant visit and I can’t wait to come again. :D

    It’s funny that you didn’t get any knitting done. It seems like when ever you host something you never get to do it yourself, eh?

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