carnival ride

i sold the size medium train tam at the last craft fair, so i thought i’d replace it with another for handmade arcade.

minty swirl train tam (free pattern)

minty swirl train tam - flat

my hand dyed recycled sweater wool (greener than it appears)
j crew recycled sweater wool

adult medium

minty swirl train tam

i’m amused that this one is a bit too wild for me, cause you know, pale green/grey and brown. whoohee! seriously though, this hat makes me think of a carnival ride. maybe because it’s swirling (embroidery) and twirling (button) all at the same time?

minty swirl train tam - embellished

so. tomorrow a bunch of people are coming over to my house to eat and knit. my first hostessing event since the move. yay! i’ll take pics.

5 thoughts on “carnival ride

  1. The little swirls on the hat make me think of a flapper and the feather on her cap. Especially on you with your short hair! I like it. :D

  2. I love this hat! It makes me think about hot chocolate on a cold day. Perhaps it’s also because it’s green and brown…I can never resist those colors!

  3. i love this pattern, will the hat pattern that you had on your blog yesterday be in your book? i really loved that and would like to make one myself. have fun tomorrow!

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