magenta days and accessory knitter heaven

vertical on the horizontal hat
this one will probably be a pattern for small heads sooner or later. it’s nice that you can put crazy color combos on kids heads, otherwise i’d have no outlet for such combinations as this! if you can believe it, it’s actually even more punchy in person.

vertical on the horizontal hat

fearless fibers hand dyed wool
my hand dyed recycled sweater wool
thrifted wool

0-6 mo.

vertical on the horizontal hat - in action

llama mama helmet hat
i am in love with this hat. specifically, i think i’m in love with the contrast in between to the two yarns – both in color and texture. if it were my size, i’d be very tempted to keep it. probably good it’s not.

llama mama helmet hat

my hand dyed thrifted wool (thrifted by my friend susan)
this handspun made from a batt from black cat handspun – containing llama, wool and mohair

because of the button, 3-5 years.

llama mama helmet hat

lastly, a bit about the accessory knitter heaven that i have just fallen into. i first had a taste of this when deb at fearless fibers sent me a bunch of her left overs from a sweater she had just made (see some of it in the work above). she contacted me over etsy and just mailed her beautiful hand dyed wool to me! it was amazing.* so two tuesdays ago at knitting group, one of the older ladies who i adore looked at me and asked if i could use small quantities of yarn. now, you know that i nearly squeal at small quantities of wool from thrift stores, so you can imagine that i said yes. i wasn’t super excited at that point because who knows if she’ll remember, etc. but she did. here are some of the spoils.


i mean, look at all of those purples!! i’m imagining something scrap-happy. when i was leaving on tuesday, she said, ‘so you won’t be needing any more for a while then…’ to which i replied ‘i’ll take whatever you want to give me.’ i’m in heaven. as a knitter who thrives on having many colors to match up and choose from, i’m in heaven.

speaking of fearless fibers, i am eagerly awaiting her kits for this fingerless mitt pattern. aren’t they beautiful? i’m practically swooning. my it is a dramatic day ;)

UPDATE: anne (the designer of the above mentioned fingerless mitts) commented below to correct where you can buy these mitt kits and said that they are being released today (27 Oct 07)!! thanks anne.

6 thoughts on “magenta days and accessory knitter heaven

  1. I love that first hat — how do you make the pattern on the stripes? Do you make those little x’s as you go along, or are they embroidered over the top?

  2. I really love the top one! The colors together are super, the stripe pattern with spots is really adorable. Overall it’s fantastic!

  3. i love your new hat, the top one!
    just a quick note though . . . fearless fibers will be selling kits of my acorn sock pattern, not the fingerless mitts! the mitts will be offered by, and the pattern will be released later today. thanks so much for the plug and i’m glad you like them!

  4. Thanks for linking to my shop again! I love the hat – who am I kidding, I love ALL your hats! I hadn’t seen the yarn before – looks great. Wasn’t it fun to spin, with all the curls and locks? I enjoyed spinning my bit, that’s for sure!

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