knit mostly while hearing the most brilliant ann patchett speak at the drue heinz lecture series monday night. my friend carrie got free tickets from a contest she entered at the library and we honestly thought we were going to see someone else (maybe a bad display? the girl who originally called gave not only the wrong date, but may have given the wrong info?). anyhow – we were so excited it was her instead! she was AMAZING. Bel Canto is one of my favorite books and i’m downright fond of the Magician’s Assistant also.

so right before we left on monday i cast on with some of my newly dyed yarn. finished yesterday at knitting group, embroidered today and voila! Ben (who grew up in alaska) thought it should be called the aurora borealis hat, but i had my heart set on swimmy things… besides, i’m sure i’ll have dramatic pooling again and we can name that one the aurora borealis hat. on this one, i was quite attached to an oceanic theme very early on and refused to budge.

gulf stream hat - embroidery

gulf stream hat

gulf stream hat

my hand dye recycled american eagle outfitters sweater – 90% wool/10% acrylic
aka the quinoa yarn
embroidered with the same and some other of my hand dyed wool

size 6-18 mo.

gulf stream hat - side

it’s interesting how the process of knitting varies for me. sometimes i just want to knit with whatever yarn. sometimes, i have a complete vision right away like with this one. sometimes, i’m skeptical and work through things in my head and partway into the hat i come to a vision. sometimes i even have to wait until something special comes along, like the embellishment for this one. a button might be the deciding factor, or a comment someone said (like in this hat). you just never know! there’s something in this about just being faithful to your work – keeping on doing what you know to be good regardless of whether you’re secure with it from the beginning or it comes at the end. i guess that is one of the risks of art and claiming art as your vocation… it is not a secure field :) but it is nice to have a little security now and then… and this hat provided.

8 thoughts on “swimmingly

  1. I love the ocean colors and how they blend and swirl. And the little orange fish are just perfect! That’s cool, how three or four stitches can make a little fish with character.

  2. I can’t believe that beautiful diagonal striped comes from pooling! I thought at first that you knit it on the bias, but then the stitches were nice and vertical. amazing. (and the little orange swimmy fish are fabulous!)

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