valentines day

in october – or at least you’d think so by the color combos i have for you today.

first off, i was very surprised by how very generous in your definitions of one-of-a-kind were!! not that i expected you to be all hard core or anything :) thanks for your input and know that my mind is assuaged by your responses. last night i even embroidered another hat in a line of hats.

my push for the week on the knitting front has been to flesh out the colors/shapes etc. of each size 0-6 mo, 6-18 mo, and 18 mo-4 yr. i’m trying to up my quantities to 8 each – the current tally is at 8 for the smallest, 7 for the second size, and 4 for the largest. this whole plan is about to be disrupted completely as our roommates are going to NYC for friday and saturday and i’m going to take this opportunity to dye!! yay!

i still haven’t figured out the whens/wheres of dyeing in the new living situation so i’ve been hoping for an opportunity to slip some in. expect some color this weekend – if i find some containers to mix my dyes in that is… any ideas about that? i used to use my old glass peanut butter jars.

valentines day hat
so named by my friend amanda in vancouver
i tried to give it pompoms, but they ended as bean bag fodder. i guess donegal tweed just doesn’t like being made into pompoms.

valentines day hat

this hat is very interesting to me because it’s an example of the doodling i’ve been doing since high school making its way into a hat. this also happened with one of the book hats. i believe that all people who are active drawers/poets/imagers of some sort have a ‘vocabulary’ of images built up over time and these hearts are one of mine. my drawn ones were generally much more scribbley though, traced over not very carefully several times with a ball point pen. but they did exist in clumps, growing all over the pages of my sketchbook in college. i remember sitting in the university center between classes with my friend brenda.  i was filling a sketchbook page iwth hearts and she said ‘most people can’t even draw a heart and you’re sitting here drawing them upside down!’ i still use hearts as images in both my poetry and my art (not that i’m doing much of either right now…), but in different ways… they’ve become a deeper, more meaningful image than they were when i was in high school or university.

valentines day hat - flat

donegal tweed homespun
my hand dyed recycled sweater wool

adult medium/large

valentines day hat - top

and a matchy matchy small hat
be my valentine hat

be my valentine hat

my hand dyed recycled sweater 70% angora/30% nylon
cascade 220 wool (heathers i think)
thrifted wool (red – a bit less orange than it looks)

0-6 mo.

be my valentine hat - angled

i’m curious about your vocabulary of images. if you’re an image person, what images keep coming back to you, gathering meaning over the years? or even, what image have you found yourself drawn back to from earlier days?

9 thoughts on “valentines day

  1. If you don’t have empty jars around the house, yet, this is at least the right season to buy canning jars–there are those little half-quart size jars that would be a great size for dye. . .

    As for images that recur in my doodles–spirals and viney networks are two big ones. I especially have a lot of doodles of vines/branches/sprouts with visible root systems, either spreading over a large rock, or in a cross-section sort of view under ground; the movement of a plant up, and roots down from a seed is pleasing to me.

  2. recurring images – actually hearts were one – it oo would draw them upside down – connected triangles and boxes, daisies and butterflies. thanks so much – i never really thought about thar before.

  3. I go through drawing phases. For a while I was obsessed with whole figures because I liked drawing improbable clothing. I’ve also been stuck on hands; doors; stairs. Currently I’m just scribbling total nonsense. Swirls and spirals, vines, spikey things – nothing that is really “anything” – but it fills the entire margin of my notebook. Some notebooks are full of drawings since I get really bored, others I’m so busy writing I have no time!

  4. I keep drawing bugs. Caterpillars, millipedes, anything with lots and lots of hairy little legs. Ladybugs seem to be recurrent. Scarab-beetles too.
    There was a point when I only painted concentric circles, in different colours, so as to observe how the circles receded or advanced depending on what colours I used.
    But, yeah, I’m down to black-and-white, pen drawings of bugs. Maybe it’s law school. I don’t know what’s causing the bugginess.
    Thanks so much for talking abou the repertory of one’s own images. I’ve not thought of images that way before.

  5. I draw a girl with her back to me sitting at the beach, looking over a pasture, by a creek, on a dock, but I never draw her face. She always has a huge hat one. I also draw flower garlands and circles all the time.

  6. I tend to doodle lots of spirals in various sizes, plant-like things (vines, leaves, flowers, pumpkins–for whatever reason), and lots of angular shapes that relate to one another symmetrically. I’m not a great draw-er, though, so when I do the embroidery on my knitting (very ghetto-style), my students say it looks cool, but never can tell what it’s supposed to be. Ah well.

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