REJOICE! it’s cold outside

there has been much *rejoicing* on the blogs i read with the onset of the cold weather. it makes me think happy autumnal woolie thoughts. some that i’ve noticed as of late:

gwen blogged about it earlier this week with some very nice ideas for autumnal color combos
loose ends, one of my flickr contacts, has been pumping out the hats!! be sure to scroll down to see her most recent ones – i especially love the blue fake isle!
and if you haven’t checked them out yet, there are two hat patterns in knitty that caught my eye – urchin (which i already knit) and foilage which is still in the ravelry queue and destined to stay there for now as i knit for the biz

speaking of, i went on a brief handspun kick the other day which yielded these two projects

raspberry jam hat
named for the stuff ben smothers all over his ice cream. mostly knit while watching pushing daisies (which is FAB!). another example of my current craziness in color choice. my first pompom ties!

raspberry jam hat - side

this, this and this

adult medium

raspberry jam hat - back

glacial spider neckscarf
i was trying to duplicate something like this one, which i loved – but it wasn’t stiff enough. i fought with the buttons and i fought with the crochet because what i wanted it to do and what it wanted to do were two different things. i really wanted two big buttons, but the fabric was too weak to support it… so we compromised.

glacial spider neckscarf - side

seen in this entry
button, i think from grandma’s collection

glacial spider neckscarf - front

almost the spider stitch lace pattern from barbara walker II – i left out two rows. i’d say that this one is brighter than it appears.

glacial spider neckscarf - flat

5 thoughts on “REJOICE! it’s cold outside

  1. The neck warmer is so pretty. Those colors are really lovely, and will definitely be nice and cheerful for Winter. Also, congrats on being done with grad school! Hooray for Cosy!

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