matchy-match clash

are you a matcher? i’m pretty sure i was at one point in my life – i recall having a gagillion pairs of keds and choosing a different pair for each different occasion. early photos seem to contain similar shades and tints of pink. i’m not sure when that changed. now i’m, what should we call me? clashy?

i think one of my problems with matching is that it not only overwhelms me with one shade/tint/tone but it also doesn’t even look good (read: interesting) to me. i don’t even like my winter accessories to match. when i was in high school my accessories were green – but they were different greens. olive green hat, forest green mitts, different shade of green for the scarf. that may have been the beginning of the end – my love affair with the monochromatic.

i just can’t bring myself to do it even if people request it for the shop. no matching sibling sets here, no mother/daughter combos. my friend steve bought this hat for his sister-in-law and this one for his nephew and i think they look great together. but, they do not match.

anyhow, here’s some matchiness as matchy as i get today… two of the yarns are the same, buttons, and oh my! radiating embroidery. i have to tell you though, that i think the colors of the hats steve bought made a much better combo than these two.

for the smaller set
purple babydoll eyelash hat

purple babydoll eyelash hat

my hand dyed recycled sweater wool
thrifted wool
recycled sweater 50% mohair/25% nylon/15% angora/10% wool seen here

18 mo.-4 yr.

purple babydoll eyelash hat - embellishment

and for the larger
purple flapper tam


recycled sweater 50% mohair/25% nylon/15% angora/10% wool same as above
my hand dyed recycled sweater wool

adult medium/small


just to point it out, lately it seems that i am much much worse (read: crazier) than usual with color – putting together things that i never would have thought about a year ago. like this!, this? or this!?! what’s the state of your sense of color as of late? i think mine needs some tea or some yoga or something.

p.s. i’m to the point where the backlog from the move is pretty much gone – so i’m putting hats up in the shop as they come through the blog. yay!

5 thoughts on “matchy-match clash

  1. The state of my sense of color? Nonexistent. I’m entirely wretched at color combinations. I really enjoy the idea of monochromatic, but I can’t achieve it – which sounds entirely ridiculous. More than anything I’m stuck on green, but I can’t even get what I’m after with that!!

  2. My colour sense has gone through some definite changes over the last couple of years. I used to be addicted to blue/green/purple combos (I got in a rut), then went to greens and browns, browns and blues, and am now happily blending browns, reds and purples all together. Of course this may just be because my sister gave me an enormous bag of brown roving for Christmas last year…


    Oh, and I knit and spin red when I’m sad because it comforts me.

  3. Love all your hats and esp the gloves and all I think the colors are fabulous no tea or yoga needed really!!! It shows you are having fun and I, the one who hated pink and all, am loving it and all the wild combos with it in my spinning and even knitting!! I love bright colors and so try to use and spin them as often as I can!! am moving away from the traditional darker colors (have never been into pastels but now like them as well!!) and so I think we all change and move into different spaces with colors and away from what may have been our old comfort zones!! I love the new colors so hope you’ll keep playing with them!! enjoy!! and I love seeing your work it’s so inspirational to me!! Hugs Linda

  4. well, I think my opinion on the mittens is clear (since I wiggle with excitement at the thought of wearing them this winter). I find your sense of color inspiring–I take more risks and discover new possibilities. My current favorite is orange/magenta combinations (maybe you started me on this with that little skein of handspun before I left Vancouver. . .) Those two colors, maybe because they are close to each other on the color wheel, seem to vibrate together. It really feels like an energy thing to me–they come alive, or kindle a fire, or something. (I heard somewhere that in Arabic colors can be verbs, and when orange and magenta play off of each other, I wish they could be verbs in English) The rusty red and poison green in the mittens seem to do a similar thing together, though and they are opposite each other on the wheel.

    I don’t know. Color is still a mystery to me, but a mystery whose depths I enjoy plumbing.

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